The Manifest Path/Temples

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Realm: Pian en Luries
Region: Poryatown
Built By: Malus Solari
Date Built: 20/05/2011
Emblem : Ship of the First Lurians, in celebration of the City's heritage as the foundation of Luria.
Realm: Pian en Luries
Region: Outer Giask
Built By: Mattias Bowker
Date Built: 26/08/2011
Emblem : Golden Wheat
Realm: Pian en Luries
Region: Nid Tek
Built By: Ramiel Avis
Date Built: 26/07/2011
Emblem : A set of Golden Scales, symbolising Justice and Trade. Above the Scales will be a Sun and a Moon, a symbol for the Sun rising and setting over Luria and the Path.

On one scale shall be the Sword and Scroll inscribed with the Gods, a symbol for the Military Tradition and the Faith of the Tekian people.

On the other shall be the Plough and an equilateral Cross, a symbol of the Hard working, of the Food produced and of Nid Tek being a crossroads of Luria.

Realm: Pian en Luries
Region: Askileon
Built By: Koli Bedwyr
Date Built: 13/05/2011
Emblem : A full silver sun with golden flames, engraved with buildings and vines symbolizing Civilization and Nature, adorned with small diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies as accents.

Beneath are two crossed solid silver pikes with vines around the handles, symbolizing further the deep intrinsic connection between Civilization and Nature.