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In every land, in every age, there will always be the ambitious and the youthful, those who would sell their soul for another lot of land or a little bit of power. Given free reign, they will spread their lies across the lands. They build their power on deceit, manipulation, and boundless ambition. Left unchecked these usurpers will devastate Beluaterra, and all it's inhabitants, in wars without end. Enweil will not stand idly by while the Barbarian Hordes ravage through Beluaterra. The Glory of Enweil will stand forth as a beacon of pride as Enweil enters her Golden Age and fights back the invaders at her borders.

The Glory of Enweil is a honest news media. All facts presented below have been verified, and all suggestions and predictions are based on reliable sources. Unlike the lesser newspapers of this world, the Glory of Enweil does not resort to lies, for such things are unnecessary and would lessen the strength of the messages. We are proud to bring forth that which others try to hide.

Among those who dislike oppression
are many who like to oppress.

- Napoleon Bonaparte
Micro Enweil.png   December 14, 2011   Micro Enweil.png
A prayer in silence
As a new invasion dawns before us, we take a moment to pray for the souls of all the brave Enweili who died fighting to defend the motherland from the monstrous scum.
   Adair Acies Dux Ducis
   Adrubal of Carthage
   Anise Lancastershire
   Blenessar Arnel
   Borian Thierf
   Callandor Harte
   Colin Langdon
   Crimson Garant
   Daniel Gristwood
   Elladan II Undomiel
   Eoin Urishkan
   Golrug Gellander
   Hunter Julian
   Javier Dela Cruz
   King Bourdeux
   Masha Blatkovetchkin
   Nicolas Chénier
   Pietr Castillo
   Raag LongHi
   Raphael Ironsides
   Rild Harkonnen
   Robin Langdon
   Theseus Titan
   Tipa Solacesta
   Tonkotsu Vanimedle
   Trigius Sarracenia
   Valic Schumacher

Micro Enweil.png   August 4, 2011   Micro Enweil.png
The Peak of Hypocrisy
Whether he is that much of a hypocrite, or so blissfully ignorant, it is hard to tell. But the High Chancellor of Riombara has declared war on Enweil under laughable pretexts. Here is his letter, annotated for our readers:
Letter from Mithridates Lorganson
Message sent to Handkor Zotral
Supreme Chancellor Handkor,

my apologies for not replying to you sooner. (Let the reader know that he was merely buying more time to prepare his attack, as he did write public letters to others)

The reason that my Ambassador has contacted yours is that we will indeed be joining the conflict on the side of our allies and we do not wish to bring more harm to the nobility of the South by treating them badly. Therefore I think it would indeed be a good idea if we were to reach a prisoner agreement.(The last time we had a prisoner agreement with Riombara, they blatantly ignored it to execute a royal upon their first opportunity. Their nobles then cheered the cowardly act, and the culprit was never punished.)

That being said, I contact you as well to inform you that tomorrow the Republic of Riombara will declare war on the Democracy of Enweil.

Reasons for this are first and foremost your alliance with the daimons that brought their "purification" further South which resulted in whole areas of our lands - even though they were under the command of traitors back then - to be laid to waste. (This is absurd. While you can see that they too recognize Meridian Republic as being an extension of themselves, the daimons managed no such things, as MR lands were always infested with monsters. Indeed, the reason the regions were depopulated were not because of the daimons, but because the Meridian Republic nobles were actively feeding their peasants to the monsters. Enweil played no role in this.) As such there is a strong feeling in Riombara that even though we had a common enemy in the monsters and even though we sent our armies many times into your lands to aid you against the undead hordes afterwards (Notice how they admit to only sending forces afterwards? We had a common enemy, but they chose not to fight with us against the monsters. Then, they chose that stealing Fwuvoghor from us was a higher priority than fighting the inhuman plagues. Let it also be noted that they barely sent any forces to Enweil at all, few of their troops ever making it to Lopa and even less making it past that. Despite statistics showing they faced no significant threat, they always pretexted a horde to pull back, while the undead were rampaging everywhere in Enweil.), we cannot trust Enweil to hold true to the ideals of humanity (Simply laughable). We lost almost all we had during the invasion just because we refused to ally with the monsters (Enweil not only refused to ally with them, we also refused any kind of peace with them, which is more than Riombara can say.), it pains to see that others then decide to sign a pact with the devil and invite their devastation over to the South and turn our lands into a battlefield for the strongest armies of foul beasts to have ever rampaged this continent (This "devastation" argument was already demolished. Further, he apparently did not want invaders to fight each other, I guess he prefered the monsters simply killing human realms.).

Furthermore, while monsters and undead hordes brought us together for a while, it is daimons and humans that drive us into conflict once more (Uh, what? Many of Riombara's former allies, the ones to always denounce any kind of affiliation with the inhumans, were the first to seek alliances with them. Also, their allies are amongst the worse when it comes to allying with the invaders, both Sint and Nothoi nobles having proven themselves to be considerably pro-daimon ideologically, while Enweil only reluctantly accepted their military aid against another invader.). Our allies in the North have called in our aid in their conflict to punish your ally of Fronen's imperialistic behaviour (Imperialistic behavior? They were the ones to declare war! Half of Bara'Khur switched to Fronen on its own, and Dyomoque joined without ever complaining about it.). Riombara has always stood against imperialism and thus my Republic has heeded their call (Riombara and her allies are the ones that keep declaring war on us and our allies, not the other way around. Who is imperialistic here?). We will be declaring war on both your realm as on Fronen shortly. We have sworn to protect our allies and that is what we will do. ( Protect your allies from what? They declared war, not Fronen, and they are already more than enough to have joined in on the cowardly surprise attack. They hardly require any aid.)

Whenever Enweil is ready to pick up the sword and uncompromisingly fight all that threatens to destroy our continent and not just that which is threatening herself, Riombara will stand right there by her side (We have, now why don't you? A third of Riombara's lords were also lords in Meridian Republic. They cannot dissociate themselves from the crimes of that realm, while we never acted against another human realm during the invasion. Also, almost half of them had voted early in the invasion to ally with the monsters to destroy Enweil and Avalon. They also welcomed with open arms the Dominion of Alluran nobles who had left their realm with the promise of being granted a new one by the monsters in the ashes of Avalon. Who is it that threatens the continent?). But until that moment, you have not earned our trust that you will not decide to join with one of the invaders again next time around. (Enweil did not help any invaders, it fought them all along. The same can't be said for Riombara, Nothoi, Sint, or Old Grehk.) And who else would there be to attack then? (Sint?) There is no more Meridian Republic, and it's head-figures have been exiled on the punishment of death from Riombara (Many were pardonned.). There is no more Hetland. There is only Enweil and Riombara and I cannot say that I currently feel very comfortable with that idea.

May we one day march side by side over the rotting carcasses of vanquished beasts. Now, the unwritten laws of our continent demand that we go to war. (No, your imperialistic and misguided self-righteous sense of moral superiority demands that you go to war against Enweil, for the thousandth time. Riombara should stop bothering with making up such lame excuses all the time, we've heard it all before.)

I will see you on the battlefield.

Mithridates Lorganson (High Chancellor of Riombara)

Micro Enweil.png   August 4, 2011   Micro Enweil.png
Hypocrisy never fades
Two big developments have occurred lately in the lands of Beluaterra. The first is the surprise gang-bang of the Northern realm against our ally Fronen, and the second is Riombara beginning to be true to itself once more.

Our readers will mark that the declared motives behind the gang-gang, which's declarations were cowardly done after the armies had arrived to their destinations, were about Fronen's attitudes and how they stole some pile of rocks that Nothoi could not manage to control anyways. However, anyone even remotely in the know shall note that Nothoi has just allied a realm which has done the exact same thing, except with a city. Let us not forget that Fwuvoghor was ours, before a traitor seceded it from us. Then, the rightful heirs to the throne swore it to Enweil, which cast the usurper out to reclaim her old city. It was only during the invasion, that using the monsters the riombaran usurper Mordred Lefanis managed to get a hold on the city once more, so that he and his fellow Riombarans, now calling themselves nobles of Meridian Republic, could babysit Riombara's regions for the duration of the invasion, to keep them from harm. When the monsters left, Meridian Republic folded back into Riombara, and since there were too many undead plaguing Enweil while very little in Riombara, they took advantage of it to takeover the city before we could send our own forces for it. Fronen was also accused of sitting out on the invasion. In addition to this not being true, as Fronenite armies played a crucial role in many battles against the monsters in Fengen, again they have allied realms guilty of the very same thing. Sint only contributed to the invasion at the very end, when they got joined by the Servants and therefore when they thought there were invincible. Old Grehk had equally done very little to help. As for Riombara, their new ally, any reader of the Glory of Enweil will know just how much they contributed in the fight, only taking a true stance once it was all basically over, and never punishing those that helped the monsters kill other humans. The archives of the invasion will remain for now, so that any new reader may easily inform himself on what transpired, and old readers can refresh their memories on some of the details they would have preffered everyone to forget. Oldest articles are at the bottom, and should be read first.

So that Riombara ambush Enweil's army when the invasion was declared came as little of a surprise. When they refused to ally us to fight the monsters, we were again not surprised. When they then sat out on most of the invasion as we took all the blows, it was to be expected. When they tried to claim all the glory for "joining the fight against the monsters", when all the fighting was already done and when all they were doing was empowering other inhumans against them, the Servants, we could all have easily predicted it. Now, they have allied the realms who have gang-banged our ally, and have asked us for a prisonner agreement (which they broke to murder a royal last time we had one), refusing any talks about a non-aggression pact, and hinting to the possibility of maybe being "unfortunately" drawn into a conflict. Enweil doesn't want war, nor did Fronen. But then again, of all the many wars that Enweil fought in these last few years, it only declared one, and that was against the usurper Mordred who had allied with daimons and who later allied with monsters. So when they speak of desiring a prisonner agreement while not wanting conflict, I believe all of our readers knows all too well what they really are trying to do.

Micro Enweil.png   August 3, 2011   Micro Enweil.png
A New Age of Betrayal Dawns
After a brutal invasion that cost us many heroes, reconstruction efforts are starting to pay off. But it appears that many of the realms who sat out during the invasion have prepared for war, and launched a surprise attack against Fronen. Rumors circulate that the cowardice will increase.

Micro Enweil.png   October 29, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Meridian Republic continues its Crimes against Humanity
After participating in the destruction of Avalon, Meridian Republic has now sent an army to attack Enweil, looting and burning everything it can. They have indeed "put aside their sacred honour to achieve a "greater honour", that is the accomplishment of their true goal": attacking and destroying mankind. They claimed to want to fight the daimons when they formed, but they have done nothing of the like, the only thing they have done is fight human realms since the beginning, human realms who vowed to fight invaders at all costs. It is also ironic, as their current ruler, Mordred Lefanis, is the very same who used daimons in his war against Avalon some time back. The hypocrisy of these criminals has no bounds.

Micro Enweil.png   October 24, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Terrible events
The monsters have overtaken Avalon's capital and many of her region. Avalon now has very little land left, and the realm is doomed to fall. The loss of Avalon saddens us all, and we hope that our brothers will remain for the fight, and that we shall be able to create the realm once more for them in times close enough, where salvation shall be attained and the realms of men will rule once more.

Micro Enweil.png   October 21, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
The light of... Creasur?
The beings of "Light" seem to have set themselves up, of all places, in the city of Creasur. The land who always refused to answer our missives for help. A land of dishonorable deeds, self-righteous leaders, incompetent armies, and with a sham of a national religion. A land now allied with the monsters, who decided to fight the daimons instead of accepting their offer of letting them be in return for aid against the monsters and the undead.

But we can always just hope that Creasur was picked because of its centrality. Gods forbid these new creatures be of like-mind of the Westerners.

Micro Enweil.png   October 20, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Reports are in from our allies in Avalon. Seems like these new "Creatures of the Light" are traveling through.

Roleplaying Event (just in) Message sent to everyone in the vicinity of Cori (29 recipients) Gerontius looks south across the broken plains of Cori to Cteduul, and covers his nose and mouth with a fold of his cloak, wrinkling his nose in disgust. "Ptah! Those foul beasts have ruined the place," he growls. "There is nothing more I can do here. Such a shame."

He looks north, to Stempleto, and southeast, to Lacint.

"Now, which way to go? I have heard that in the north they have joined with the dead, and in the islands they have joined with the beasts...that does not leave many good choices."


One can hope they will come to aid, but one wonders if they can. If they won't bother with Avalon, why would they with Enweil? Or Riombara, even if they slithered their way past any invasion so far. And to they only seek those who have not "joined" with inhumans, or those who haven't "joined" against humans. A question of importance, as the confederates have only attacked realms readily aiding the monsters, and this after the monsters started attacking us all and threatening our very existence.

What is to be expected of these Archons? We at the Glory of Enweil can't tell you, for now. They are currently more like foreign gossip as many urgent issues constantly demand attention. We can only hope for the best, hope for the day in which we shall annihilate the traitors once and for all to not be too far away.

For one way or another, Enweil and her allies will prevail.

Micro Enweil.png   October 11, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Good times
The suffering is now mostly of the past. Our cemeteries are filled, our beautiful pastures are ravaged, but the hard-working and valiant Enweilians march on. Were we not strong, we would have quickly fallen like the weaker realms, but we have survived the test of time. Invasion after invasion, beasts and other foul creatures cower before our walls, regretting to have ever targeted us in the first place. Now, we march, we press on, and attempt to rebuild what was destroyed. Many regions have been taken back, many will follow.

The virtuous will always prevail.

Micro Enweil.png   September 12, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Hard times
The confederation is going through some rough times as massive monster hordes are on the attack. Though the monsters have gotten weak, their enormous numbers have compensated to bring forth a challenging force.

Once again, we face our challenges alone, against man and beast. Holding one's word isn't a thing of the South, as Riombara's complacent laissez-faire has proven.

Micro Enweil.png   August 29, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Scroll Trades
This is a public announcement. Enweil is looking for people willing to part with their Scrolls of Fear, either in exchange of Scrolls of Holy Light or monetary compensation. The fate of Beluaterra relies on the continent's capacity to shift Scrolls of Fear southwards and Scrolls of Holy Light northwards.

Micro Enweil.png   August 11, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Monster weaknesses?
A few observations were done on the monsters these last few weeks, but require more analysis. Readers are welcomed to submit speculation and research into the means to defeat the monsters to the Glory of Enweil editorial board.

Chronologically, the first thing to be noted was that when they sieged Fengen, they were growing each turn almost as much as they were losing to the daimons. It appears that after each battle, while the leader units would weaken, monster militias would appear. The leaders eventually had to leave as the daimons saved our capital. The second tidbit is this report: "After a quick ritual, another command seal disappeared from Annaej's hand. There is only one left for one disappeared right after the dispersion of her previous unit." Are monsters limited to a certain number of units they get to lead? Do the new leaders possess the same capacities as the older? It is to be noted that every time a monster leader is killed, a new one seems to arrive shortly thereafter. After First was killed, Bow appeared, for example. And now, we see Arrow, Second, and so on. The last tidbit is that the monsters appear to be losing battles to overwhelmingly weaker foes, if that's even possible. Indeed, when the monsters have been fighting rogue undead forces this last weak, they've been reported to come out defeated, despite having tens of times more combat strength. How are we to interpret these reports? Much is happening, but humanity need not despair. The monsters are strong and threaten all, but the gods are on our side. Addenda: It is also to be mentioned how a man was reported to have slipped poison (drugs) in the water supplies of Gorin when the monsters occupied it, making the beasts turn on their leaders and causing to great losses for them. Can this be reproduced? We haven't had any other reports about such events since.

Micro Enweil.png   July 28, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
An alliance against humanity
The traitor has confirmed that he has plans to aid the monsters in the destruction of Beluaterra. Creating a realm for those who first allied the monsters and now planning to destroy his neighbours with it, the dishonourable of the South-East have seceded Rines. Enweil and the Confederates have extended their hand time and time again to the people of the South-East, only to get repeatedly rejected. Clearly, these people just want to crown themselves kings. But we've seen the monsters in action, the fools just don't realize that if they achieve what they want, the monsters will then simply turn on them and claim Beluaterra for themselves. This is the letter in which the treachery is announced:
Letter from Mordred Lefanis
Message sent to everyone
Lords and Ladies of Riombara,

The invasion has forced all of us to make difficult decisions. Choices that could determine the future not only of Riombara, but of humanity, of Beluaterra itself.

The battle lines have been drawn. Already some humans including Enweil and Sint have chosen to align themselves with the daimonic scourge. Now is the time we must decide, we must choose a side to align ourselves with, to ensure the survival of humanity. We must choose the monsters. Although they took our land, they respect our warriors, and the lands they take are yet habitable to man. You cannot say the same for the daimons.

I would like to inform you that I continued my talks with Wisdom to try and convince him to spare some part of Riombara, even after we declared war on them. He agreed to spare the Isles, on the condition they formed into a new realm, and accepted the nobles of the Dominion. The monsters will help us to defeat the daimons, and gain northern territories and the food our island regions need.

After due consultation with Dukes Khaludh and Ercole, and other prominent members of the realm, it was decided to accept the terms offered by Wisdom, and form a realm that will take the steps necessary to survive the invasion, and defeat the scourge creeping down from the volcano.

It is a sad step we take today, but it is the only way to ensure a part of Riombaran culture stands, a part of humanity survives that is uncorrupted by the taint of the daimons. I wish Riombara well, know that you shall always be welcome in the Meridian Republic.

I finish with a quote by Tirinius-

Quite the paradox, I think, to ponder if by casting aside your sacred honor, you can indeed gather an even greater honor: the accomplishment of your true goal.

I ask you to remember our goal- the defeat of the daimons, and the triumph of humanity over the invaders.

For the Isles,

For the Republics,
Mordred Lefanis (Great Chamberlain of Riombara, Ambassador of Riombara)

Micro Enweil.png   July 27, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
More treachery in the South-East
After taking but a few rurals from Riombara and then leaving after a staged battle in Grehk, the monsters left their Riombaran friends to invade Enweil once more. They successfully started takeovers of Enweilian lands and overwhelmed the capital, brutally looting and destroying all they could, leaving the brave Enweilians to struggle for survival. But shortly after the monsters arrived, the Enweilian prayers were answered and the Daimon Legions arrived from the west and vanquished the monsters, driving them off the battlefield though the battles continue still. After the monsters revealed that they wanted to destroy all of Beluaterra, Enweil chose to call in the aid of the only faction that is actually ruled by humans in order to protect Beluaterra from the plagues that challenge it.

Some, though, have taken a different path. Earlier today, the city of Rines declared independance from Riombara and calls itself the Meridian Republic. Word is that this was a secret plan of the traitorous Mordred Lefanis in his bid to help the monsters wipe out Beluaterra. Mordred Lefanis is the one who used inhumans in an attempt to destroy a human realm back in the last invasion as ruler of the Republic of Fwuvoghor and who fervently worked on having Riombara ally the monsters to destroy Enweil and create a new Alluran on the lands Avalon live on, a plan which was foiled only because of a leak that allowed Enweil to reveal the scheme to the world and mount pressure against them. Bitter of this defeat, Mordred would have arranged the secession of Rines in order to accomplish what he had failed to accomplish in Riombara: An alliance with the monsters to place himself at the top of a devastated world.

Micro Enweil.png   July 24, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
After killing 9 of Enweil's courageous nobles, the monsters left to harass Riombara, leaving Enweil with an ultimatum: Sumbit like the Dominion of Alluran did or perish.

Enweilians were not afraid, and would certainly never lower themselves to the likes of the Allurites, not to mention that these then got betrayed and destroyed by the masters. Answering the call of the Netherworld to oppose the monsters which threaten Beluaterra, peace was signed with the daimons as they sent their armies south, and Enweil prepares to fight alongside her new ally and make the monsters suffer for the crimes they have committed upon the people on Enweil, the realm which suffered as no other has.

Micro Enweil.png   July 10, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
They died as they lived, in honour and glory
Many heroes fell in a great battle today against the monsters which plague Enweil and threaten her. Let us never forget the ultimate sacrifices of Masha Blatkovetchkin, Nicolas Chénier, Pietr Castillo, and Valic Schumacher. Allied noble Blenessar Arnel also fell defending Enweil.

They shall be remembered and honoured.

Addenda: Anise Lancastershire, Theseus Titan, Asdrubal of Carthage, Crimson Garant, and Eoin Urishkan have also perished in the glorious battle to defend the capital. May they rest as the testament that Enweil does not fool around, and that when it commits itself to a cause they don't cower out. May they forever be remembered and avenged.

Micro Enweil.png   July 8, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Mixed results on the monsters
Many monsters were killed in the last few weeks, but none of their leaders, and they have gained considerable ground especially en Enweil, where they continue to surround the capital and stalk it like wolves. Allies are helping where they can, though.

It is also to be noted that Annaej, a royal of DoA, was partly transformed into a monster by some kind of ritual. She now possesses the powers that she needs to command monsters herself, and plagues Enweil with them.

Micro Enweil.png   June 28, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
"For Riombara and the Monsters", take 2
The results are in. 46% of Riombarans wanted an alliance with the monsters in order to destroy Enweil and Avalon. Equally, they rejected the option to wage war on the monsters. If they are a bit shy to commit, we get a clear sense of their values.

Addenda: To add to the hypocrisy, the author of a less-reputable newspaper of the south, Mordred Lefanis the judge of Riombara, has complained about "unwarranted attacks" by this paper on the people of Riombara. It is to be noted that this is the man who wrote up the proposed alliance and who did all he can to make the alliance with the monsters pass.

Micro Enweil.png   June 27, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
"For Riombara and the Monsters"
Or so should the hypocrite in power there start to sign his letters. Riombara is currently voting on a proposed alliance with the monsters in which they would allow the monsters to destroy Enweil and Avalon to give more land to the monster-aligned Dominion. This proposed alliance is brought forth by none other than their great Chamberlain, Mordred Lefanis, a so-called "defender of humanity" who passed most of his days since the last invasion accusing others of collaborating with inhumans and making up evidence. More and more southerners are flocking to Enweil, disgusted by their leaders, to join a land that knows what dignity, honour, and courage are.

Micro Enweil.png   June 23, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
The Land of the Free
More and more of the realms who would chant to the death of inhumans and all of their collaborators have taken a more nuanced tone now that it isn't so convenient, or remain silent to avoid having to swallow their pride. DoA not only allied them, but some of their nobles, including a royal, even joined the realm of the Monsters and swore an oath to the monsters of Gilgamesh. Riombara now dines with them in their cities as their forces move to invade Enweil, despite the fact that prior experiences show that Riombara would have enough forces to decimate the large monster hordes thanks to the walls of their capital. Sint allies the daimons once more to serve their daimon gods.

There is a land that bows to none other than herself, and that realm is Enweil, and many are coming to realize this. We are a realm that stands by what we say, by our convictions. A realm that doesn't say one thing and then do another when such a thing isn't as convenient anymore. Many across the lands are disgusted by the actions of their leaders, and understandably so, as nobody likes being commanded by lying cowards. Enweil is strong, Enweil is proud, and Enweil is free. And as such, for all that do not want to ally with the invaders, that do not want their leaders to swear oaths of fealty to them, Enweil is a land of hope. For a realm that respects what it says, that lives by its words instead of chanting out wild promises, many will find a new home in Enweil. The monsters march against us, but we will not step down. With the gods on our side, justice as our sword and honour as our shield, we are eternal.

Micro Enweil.png   June 22, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
The South-East prefers the monsters to humans
As the valiant defenders of civilization ride forth and repel the monster attacks in Lopa, the South-East refuses to move. Indeed, they contend themselves by allying the monsters, signing pacts with them, and otherwise sitting alongside them and doing nothing.

Let the readers be reminded that Enweil continuously offered her aid to DoA, but their king preferred to ally the monsters than to ally Enweil, the realm they had attacked without provocation prior to the invasion. Even Riombara, in the self-righteousness, isn't answering the call to arms, sitting alongside the monsters in Grehk as they contend themselves with a peace treaty with the monsters instead of using the walls and the monsters' distractions to crush them.

If one thing is becoming painfully clear, it's that the ones who brag the most about justice and humanity are the ones who care for it the least.

Micro Enweil.png   June 21, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
History absolves us
Probably no realm in the history of the continent has ever been the victim of as much lies, deceit, and manipulation as Enweil has. Skilled liars and manipulators, her foes have endlessly turned and manipulated other realms into betraying Enweil for them, into believing wild and unfounded rumours, into trying to outright destroy her. But Enweil, with the favour of the gods, with justice as our sword and honour as our shield, always prevailed. Today, two of our lords died for Enweil, to save us from the threats which plague our lands, defending us against the monsters sent by the very people who had accused us of having some secret alliance with them. The price was steep for Enweil to irrefutably prove to the world the truth of her words and the vileness of her foes, and so the roused Field Marshal wrote to the other human generals of the continent and said:
Letter from Nicolas Chénier
Message sent to the human generals of Beluaterra
Sint allies the daimons, DoA the monsters.

We've had 7 realms on our backs these last years. Sint, Heen, Hetland, Mesh, Riombara, Kingdom of Alluran, Dominion of Alluran. 5 all at once for a while.

We were accused of all kinds of things. Some of us were called "daimon-worshippers". Imperialists, opponents of humanity, and other such lies.

All of the realms mentioned above were the ones who declared war on us, we had not declared war on any of them. When bringing up real links between some of these realms and the daimons, we were slung dirt by those overeager to protect them. We had the self-proclaimed "defenders of humanity" send their armies at our gates again and again, trying to bring us on our knees. All of this while the daimon homeland prospered.

Now look at the western alliance. Already trying to get deals, securing alliances to further their goals. Sint allying the daimons, when the western realms were so vigorous to deny any such link still existing between the two. Yet Enweil was the enemy, apparently, Enweil had to be fought, Enweil had to be brought down. How long until the invaders are used to resume the old wars?

King Askarn, I expect your armies to come marching against Enweil along with your monster master pretty soon now. Your armies were pathetic pre-invasion, don't expect any mercy from us now. If you try anything against us and don't hide under Riombara's skirt, let's say you won't receive a mercy alliance from us as you did from the monsters.
Nicolas Chénier (Field Marshal of Enweil, Viscount of Wheling)
Letter from Nicolas Chénier
Message sent to the human generals of Beluaterra
Sir Trigius Sarracenia, Viscount of Droxago and Lord Borian have fought and died honourably in the defence of the homeland, fending off the monsters that come our way. They will be honoured and remembered, as the others that died for Enweil before them.

We were accused of having some kind of ridiculous "secret alliance" with the monsters. The truth is, the Dominion refused our help, they repelled our offers and sent nothing but insults and accusations back at us.

Now the dominion sends her monster allies to attack us, and two of our lords pay the ultimate price.

History, as always, absolves us. We will not forgive this treachery.
Nicolas Chénier (Field Marshal of Enweil, Viscount of Wheling)

Enweil has survived the test of time, has witnessed and lived much in her times. We know all too well that all those who sell themselves to outsiders never last too long. Enweil shall be avenged!

Micro Enweil.png   June 13, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Sint not as innocent as they tried so hard to make everyone believe?
Anyone who had the least contact with a large group of foreigners would know that since a very long time, Sint has been trying to paint themselves as good guys, as warriors of mankind and opponents of the daimons. They tried to hide their alliance with the daimons, the fact they worshipped them as gods and the fact that they even tried to summon the "Destroyer of Worlds" to Beluaterra so that he may destroy us all. A faith which they still adhere to, interestingly.

But they claimed to have a change of heart. That the daimons were pretenders, and cited the battle or two they had against the daimons as "proof". However, truth was that Sint vehemently defended the Netherworld, and threatened war against all those who sent armies to Jobo's Mouth. And now, as their neighbours are being invaded by daimons: nothing. Sint has remained in their corner, allowing Netherworld to expand and take up new regions. And even when their neighbours, who had spent much effort to defend them on the diplomatic scene, get invaded by daimons and have their cities taken they still do nothing.

The hypocrisy of the self-righteous westerners is becoming irrefutable. How ironic that the very friends of Sint sometimes used terms such as "daimon-worshippers" to justify their betrayal of Enweil.

Micro Enweil.png   June 12, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Typical stubborn hypocrisy
Enweil laughs at the accusations made against it by the southerners, as it shows the typical disconnection between Riombaran leadership and nobility. Despite being offered aid by Enweil, Riombara and the Dominion continually put Enweil down and refuse help. When DoA was asked to sign peace should that cooperation would at least be possible, Enweil was turned down in the rudest of ways. Later, when the Field Marshal contacted Riombara's and the Dominion's general to ask them how Enweil could be of assistance, they refused to reply.

So we drink and laugh. The south so very much loves to be martyrs, we know that all too well. They played the role so well before the invasion, we were silly to think they'd shed themselves of such shameful behaviour. After all, Enweil is, was, always was, and always will be the source of all their problems. Of course. Maybe they can get the martyrdom they desire, of the kinds of Valentia which quickly fades out of memory thanks to how inglorious their death was.

Micro Enweil.png   June 11, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Westerners allying the monsters?
Word has it that the western realms of Heen and Mesh have been trying to ally with the monsters in order to save themselves from the daimons. The great irony is how Mesh used to zealously yell how all inhumans should be exterminated without consideration, and slandered human realms when they had better things to do, and that now that realm is seeking an alliance with the very faction that is destroying the allies she betrayed Enweil over in the South-East.

As the monsters ravage the peninsula, Mesh attempts to ally them. But word has it the monster simply think, and rightfully so, that they are stupid and have no intention to ally them. Regardless, the battles between monsters and daimons shall prove interesting for all of Beluaterra, as will the hypocrisy revealed from the realms which host the battles. Enweil is used to seeing such double-standards in her neighbours, however.

Addenda: Further looking into the matter, many interesting facts have been uncovered. As it appears, the realms of Heen and Hetland actually signed peace with the Monsters, while the realm of the Dominion of Alluran is the only human realm not at war with the Netherworld. Mesh is trying to ally the monsters, who are rejecting their offers, despite previously (annoying and) constant rhetorical about all inhumans being evil and needing to be fought of and long-during slander against all which took even remotely nuanced position.

Micro Enweil.png   June 10, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Shame on the Dominion
Recent events seem to indicate that the Dominion places greater importance to arrogance than survival. When asked regarding an Allurite assassin trying to take an Enweilian noble's life, the following response was granted:
Letter from Celyn Haerthorne
Message sent to the generals of Beluaterra (15 recipients)
Go eat a pike, Chenier. Most of the reports coming my way are about how there are a thousand monsters ravaging my capital, a few from the monsters themselves and most coming from me are about getting all of this fixed. The neutrality with Enwiel is a formality with the way that your Supreme Chancellor treats the rest of us as scum, so if your "scout" can't be bothered to talk to the defenders of Eno and explain he isn't a foe then he might as well foot the bill for his own stupidity.
Celyn Haerthorne (King and Lord Protector of Dominion of Alluran, Marshal of the Raven's Regiment)

When asked for peace so that Enweil could come to assist them, the King's reply was:

Letter from Celyn Haerthorne
Message sent to all human rulers of Beluaterra (12 recipients)
Supreme Chancellor Alex,

Your first letter outlined how you would basically be left out of the war. In it you called all of us treacherous. Then when you sent the peace proposal I was wounded in battle. If you and your General are going to continue evoke strangely pleasant images in my mind of you both being impaled on pikes, I doubt we are going to get much further than neutrality.

Call back in a few days. Maybe I won't be so eager to strangle something then.

Celyn Haerthorne (King and Lord Protector of Dominion of Alluran, Marshal of the Raven's Regiment)

One would think that they would be better-placed not to spit on our name. They seem to act much as the realm which preceded them on the very same lands, perhaps it's something in the land that gets to their brains.

Micro Enweil.png   June 6, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Pride of Enweil
As some forked tongues spread vile rumours in some of the less glorious parts of the lands, Enweil today showed the world that nothing frightens it and that her armies are the mightiest of the lands. In a test of strength, Enweil overpowered the hordes of the First of Gilgamesh in Droxago today, a loss not anticipated by the Epic and which's repercussions are yet to be known.

Proud of the feat accomplished, the armies return to the capital to chop some vampire heads and re-asses the situation as hordes spawn all over in adjacent realms, notably the daimons to the west and the undead to the north.

Micro Enweil.png   May 26, 2010   Micro Enweil.png
Invasion again
Really, nothing else could have stopped the rightful and just retribution of the glorious Enweilian armies than an invasion. As ground trembled and a great cloud covered the skies, the invasion was revealed and the armed forces reluctantly returned back home instead of punishing the insolent for their crimes.

The gods must really hate Riombara, to make them suffer again and again our wrath without ever being allowed to put an end to it.

The News
Capital sieged

Two traitors leading monster units have sieged Fengen. Enweilians are preparing some little "field studies".

August 29, 2010

Hetland treason

To the surprise of no one, Hetland has now betrayed humanity by allying with the monsters against the human realms.

August 11, 2010

Monsters fleeing

There is some rejoicing as the monsters are fleeing Fengen. Many of their leaders are without units, some of them wounded or captured. They are being chased as they apparently make way for the Meridian Republic, home to the scum of the earth.

July 28, 2010

Monsters' takeovers broken

With the aid of the Daimons, the monster takeover of Fengen has been broken. Battles should continue raging for a few days, unless the monsters withdraw.

July 27, 2010

Monsters invade

Lopa and Enwelieos fell to the joint Monster and Allurite attack, Droxago shall likely soon follow.

June 27, 2010

DoA and Monsters on the attack

DoA infils continue to work against us to help the monsters, the monsters have invaded Enweilieos and defeated the militia there after we refitted from having crushed Wisdom's force and seriously wounded many of their leaders, the monsters are furious the Allurite royal collaborator, Annaej, has been wounded by our people, Riombarans defect as Riombara's true colours are revealed.

June 25, 2010

DoA attacks again

As they pile lame excuses over lame excuses, more Dominion infiltrators are spotted attacking Enweil. It comes as little surprise that these attacks are synchronized with the incoming monster armies, the dominion's new masters. Dominion infiltrators not being particularly skill (comparable to their armies), these were again easily repelled and Enweil stands as strong as ever to fight this combined human and monster threat.

June 22, 2010

Wisdom's invasion force defeated again

As Wisom's armies marched through our lands, a response team was quickly assembled. With all due haste, they charged at Wisdom's forces in Lopa, and have defeated him thrice in a row. Justice's armies are now seen on the horizon.

June 22, 2010

Two killed by DoA's monsters

Lords Trigius Sarracenia and Borian Thierf were killed in battle against Wisdom's forces in Lopa. They died admirably, and shall be forever honoured.

June 21, 2010

Told you so?

Sint allies the daimons. Need we really say more?

June 20, 2010

DoA infiltrators attacking

Right after signing an alliance with the monsters, the Dominion sends infiltrators to attack Enweil. They were caught in the act and promptly thrown in the dungeons. Enweil is not pleased.

June 18, 2010

DoA allies monsters

Oh, the irony! After accusing Enweil of having some sort of "secret alliance" with the monsters, the south-eastern realms now ally them.

June 17, 2010

Death wish

Many days have passed since Enweil offered her aid to the southern realms and we still haven't got a response. They must just want to be left alone to die.

June 13, 2010

Monsters hammered in the west

As the monsters continue to try to fight the daimons in Reeds, the daimons are massacring them with increasing numbers. The monsters are also getting themselves killed in battles with Mesh, described by a southerner with family ties to the realm as "accidental", hinting there was some form of agreement between the monsters and the western realms.

June 12, 2010

Lunarion Lefanis buried

The dishonourable Lunarion Lefanis was buried today. He will not be missed.

June 11, 2010

Might of the Alliance

In Qual the allied forces of Avalon and Fronen dealt a serious blow to the undead. Enweil is proud to have such people as her friends.

June 10, 2010

Show of Enweilian might

In Droxago today Enweil showed the monsters what her armies were capable of. In an impressive show of might, fifteen hundred brave Enweilian soldiers pushed back the hordes and slew their leader, the First of Gilgamesh.

June 6, 2010

Monsters in the South

The monster armies have arrived by the southern seas, taking over rogue lands before moving on to Enweilian and Dominion lands. Multiple battles between them and the southern realms occured.

June 1, 2010


Vistuvis of Netherworld, Marshal of the Undead, and the they-thing of the Monsters have risen their forces and put the realms to challenge.

May 26, 2010