The Estahsism Echo

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Estahsism.JPG The Estahsism Echo Estahsism.JPG

The unguided souls of the lost lie in the darkness of their religious slumber. Cold and alone they call out. Call out to the Gods. The Gods of Estahs. They seek the light and the comfort and the guidance, for the Gods are many. It is believed there is a God to represent all aspects of existence. They split themselves into five factions to represent the five main aspects of existence: Lore, Humanity, Nature, Creativity and Darkness. The Gods of Estahs are called such for the Gods dwell in the city that is Estahs. Where the city is, no one knows for it is the dwelling of the Gods and no mortal shall go there, only our immortal souls travel their upon the ending of our lives, where we travel to the Blazimir Forests, resting place of the dead, to find the souls of our passed loved ones.