The Builders

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Tempus Fugit

The Builders

The Builders is a religion based on prophecies given to Joseph von Genf, former Elder of the lost faith of Adgharinism.

The New Age and the End of Time

The age prior to the prophecies of the Builder's Church was the age of the Contest of the Gods. Embroiling mankind in their fights, the Gods left their mark on the world, and their essence imbued those that they touched. Not all the Gods had the same degree of involvement however.

Adaghar (also known as Ramsus) and Sartan (also known as Tark) were those with the most involvement in this world. Adaghar made its abode in the Dark Isle of Arcachon, while Sartan roamed the continent, laying waste to one place after another. Both have exhausted their strength, but the Far East as we know it is their creation.

During that time however other Gods took a minor Role, or hid. That is changing.

It has been prophesized in the Visions that the Eschaton is coming in the form of the Overlord. The task of the builder is to build a society strong enough to endure its coming and survive. Much of what is will be destroyed, and only that which is strong enough will live to the new Age to come afterwards.


The Old Gods

Adghar (Ramsus), the old, the protector, the Keystone.

Sartan (Tark), the reaper, the renewer, the Sword.

The old Gods have taken a step back. This Age is not for them to lead.

The Guiding Light

Omorthion (Tersea), the builder, the keeper, the Stone.

The Exemplars

Senith, Lyonnith and Lyonnhar are the Exemplars, the right and left hands of Omorthion, to guide the men in their task.


Vision 1 - Omorthion It was a dream. Or was it not a dream? What makes a dream, what do you call a vision of a being of light that appears and of voices that ring in your head, even when you are not asleep?

It appeared to me. It talked to me. It was overwhelming in benevolence, but stark in its dictates. It said: "What have you done, Joseph? What have you built? Will you be remembered? This land needs a rebirth. This church needs to be rebuilt. This ground must be re-sanctified, and the guards must be more numerous. You will do this, Joseph, or all will die and your name be erased. It is coming, and it will tear the world apart if it left to the chaos that engulfs it."

Vision 2 - Tark

I am Tark, I am Sartan; I have sowed, I have reaped, I have renewed and I have sharpened. Each generation stronger, each generation better, until the men become like gods themselves. But there was not enough time. A stronger one has emerged. Erheas and Ziluhrak have joined with the Earth, and from its underside the Overlord sprang forth. It is coming, and no man is strong enough to stand up to it. This is the last generation. This is the strength you have to face the end of times. There will be no renewal; my task is done. You will live or you will die.

Vision 3 - Senith

The chains that link Lyonnith and Lyonnhar and bind them, keeps them. Never will they be separated, never will they be removed from one another. It is the chain that protects them, it is the chain that is their strength, it is the chain that they will be remembered with. It is the links that remain. The parts get forgotten. It is the mortar that binds the rocks and holds the wall. It is the joints that gives strength to the arm. Nurture those. That is the task of men. If the chain that links Lyonnith and Lyonnhar is broken, they will refuse to be separated. They will become one, for they cannot do otherwise, and that will be the end of all. Protect the chain, and adore it.

Vision 4 - Adaghar

I am old. I am tired. I cannot hold the wall; the Isle is not strong enough. Arcachon kept the Gods alive. Arcachon housed the Holy. Arcachon talked with my voice. As I am old, Arcachon is also old. It has done its time. What was kept, cannot endure. It has become rotten. It is brittle, and fragile in its core. It is time to build anew. It is time to enlarge the circle, and take in all. Erheas and Zilhurak have gone and come, and the Isle is not enough. Build further, build stronger. I am old, I can be your keystone but no longer your key. Save what is left, make it strong, and endure the storm that is coming. Do not let the Darkness come.

Vision 5 - Omorthion's temple

The Darkness is coming. All that cannot hold it, is taken. All that is taken, is destroyed. All that is destroyed, is forgotten. None of what is is strong enough to last. Build harder, build higher, build stronger. Take others with you. Your preparedness will be your defense. What does not last, has no value. What does not endure, has never been. The end of time is the end of traces. The end of traces is the end of memory. The end of memory is the destruction of the Souls.

History of the Faith

The faith was originally founded in Pesol by Joseph von Genf in March 2012, after experiencing a series of visions. Following rapid political opposition the temple was rapidly destroyed by Toupellonian authorities, Joseph von Genf went into hiding before reforming his toughts. He came back a year later and settled in Arcaea. Following the estabslishment of the Hegemony of the Arcaean Empire at the end of 2014 and the start of the new wars, the faith was refounded once again in January 2015 in Larmebsi.

The Builder's Ethics

The Builders do not seek to worship Omorthion, but to accomplish its mission and to safeguard the Far East against the prophesied cataclysm. The glacier that encroached in the South, preceded by monsters issued from the ice, were a warning of things to come. Thanks to the brave defense of the lands and the unity provided by Arcaean and its guide Emperor Velax the glacier was stopped and the land is safe - but for how long?

The Commandments

The faithful must prepare. All their activites must work towards permanence. What does not last, has no value.

The faithful must hurry. The end of times are coming. What will not be ready, will not endure.

The faithful must preserve. What is left must be saved. What is weakened will be broken.