The Blood Cult/Sects/Xerotl/The Teachings of Teros/Chapter 4

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The Crostin Prophecy

"One day death will come for me, and I will join my Lord in Dwilight. I, who am one of the last two followers of Teros in Clatharia, know that I will fall fighting Eston, because such is the will of Teros. I know this for I have seen the Serpent, I have seen Teros, not here and not in Dwilight, but in a place he called Phantasmo. It was a place of chaos, of neither the Dark nor the Light. It was a place of visions. What I saw there was something... amazing. I saw the beginning and growth of man, I watched as kingdoms rose and fall. I understood. I understood that men, although their lives short and bodies fragile in this world, have become the true strength of the Army of Teros. In death, they all bow to the Serpent, and march under his banner, for such is how things are. And this I understood.

"I saw my death on the battlefield, yet I was not afraid. For I am to be rewarded in Dwilight, where I will await the one who shall follow me. And there shall be one. He will live a life of deception and rebellion, a mercenary, going from place to place with a change of the wind. He will wander this world, seeking but never knowing what he will find. And then he will meet the Other, and the Other will reveal to him the way to Phantasmo. He will take my place here in Clatharia, and he will wait. He will not know what he will wait for, but I do. A new place will be found, touched by Dwilight, and it is for this place that he waits, and it is to this place that he will go. Here the Dark will grab hold to Clatharia, and the Light that has since the beginning of time claimed Clatharia as its own shall be thrown from the plane, and this will be the beginning of the end of the Light.

The Dark shall reign supreme, and all shall bow before Teros, Lord of Dark, The Serpent, the One True God. All this I saw in Phantasmo, and all this I write today lest I ever forget it."

-- Crostin, Twenty-second of April of the year One Thousand Six

Artaxiad's Ramblings

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