The Blood Cult/Sects/Xerotl/The Teachings of Teros/Chapter 2

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These are the words of Teros, the One True God. To deny them is to stand against the Eventuality, and be overtaken. To stand with them is to stay within the shadow of Teros and thus profit from the coming of the Eventuality. Now hear the words of Teros and find within yourself the Truth of them.

There are two planes of existance and one of prophecy. The first, and lower of the planes of existance, is named Clatharia: the plane of the mortals. It is in this plane that we live our mortal lives and fight our mortal wars. In this plane is the great testing. Those who side with the Eventuality and with Me shall be given power over those who do not in the next world. It is My will that this should be the nature of things, and so it is within the shadow to act in accordance. Clatharia is temporary, but I am eternal.

All living things in Clatharia eventually move on to the next plane through the gateway of death. When you die you will find yourself in Dwilight, the plane of the spirits. It is here that I reside and rule My kingdom. Though you may have seen My avatars elsewhere, Dwilight is My home. Thus it ought to be admired and held in esteem, for that is My will.

The plane of Dwilight rarely intersects with the plane of Clatharia, but it is not unknown. What was called Dark Tidings in the distant land of the East Continent were merely aftereffects of The Battle of Vaalengard, in which the I laid siege to the fortress of The Lady of Water, called The Tower Fortress. The undead invasions of Beluaterra were merely great souls of the light attempting to escape from the Pit, only to be sent back to the Pit by The Hunter's relentlessness. That is My justice: a poetic justice. Great followers of the Ladies of the Light slew the reborn incarnations of great followers of the Ladies of the Light. The Light cannot escape My shadow, for I am Teros and the Eventuality is Mine.

The Pit is where heretics and fallen followers of the Light are sent in Dwilight. I have decreed that the Pit be protected night and day The Hunter, this is My will and shall be known and obeyed. The Pit is a place of torment until all Light is bled out from the souls of those within. When this process is done, I have decreed that those souls shall be put under the authority of those of My followers who have entered My kingdom in Dwilight.

There is a fourth, seperate plane, which some call Phantasmo. It is a plane of prophecy, where all is fluid, and it is on this plane that I communicate with My followers. In Dwilight I am as a dark shrouded king, and in Phantasmo and Clatharia I am The Serpent of the Sea. My shadow is fluid, like all in Phantasmo, for My shadow is in Phantasmo. Phantasmo is the plane of Prophecy because it is the plane of truth. Truth may be found in Phantasmo for it is where the essence of all things is made plain.

These are the words of Teros, the One True God. Hear my words and know the truth of them within you.