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The Church of Teros




There are values of which should never be forgotten,
and should be the very basis for all of your actions,
in this way you serve me. In all that you do seek
Obedience, Strength, Loyalty, and Devotion. For a
follower to break an oath is a most heinous thing,
live true to your word and you will prosper. Both in
this life in Clatharia and in your eternal life in
        -- Teros in The Teachings of Teros

  • Protect the Church
  • Destroy those who would harm the Church
  • Destroy those who would attack the Followers
  • Live for Strength
  • Live for Obedience
  • Live for Loyalty
  • Defend and live by your Word
  • One must live within the shadow of Teros, so that you may be prepared to fight the Light.
    • The shadow on Clatharia has many names, all of which are only a part of the whole. Loyalty, Virtue, Honesty, Respect, they are all the shadow. Live within it and the Light shall never stand before you.


The Truth

The Truth is best described in the following way:

The Truth is not tested in schools,
The Truth cannot be pass'd from one
having it to another not having it,
The Truth is of the soul, is not
susceptible of proof, is its own
     -- Crostin's Personal Diary

The Truth is quite much like wisdom. Those who follow Teros are inheritantly aware of it, although not always at a conscious level. Those who have 'reached' The Truth are able to tell whether or not others have with a mere glance, as a wise man can tell another wise man from a fool.


The Avatar of Teros


The War

The ladies are always attempting to overthrow Teros and his Marshal, and in the beginning they had the advantage,
but what once was true is now only history. Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power of Time   
and is forgotten through the lapse of Time. It is Time that increases Teros power. Time, part of the very nature 
of Teros.
The Church of Teros
Island Dwilight
First Temple (Island, Realm)


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