The Blood Cult/Organization

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This page is to list the members of the faith and explain the various ranks they hold.


The elder ranks are for the priests who take care of the church's agenda, who tend to it's organization and expansion.


This rank is for the head of the faith, be it the founder or his successor. He is the one in charge of directing the church's policies.

  1. Louis-Joseph Chénier
  2. Vistuvis Adridae
  3. Guillaume Chénier

Hueyi Tlamacazqui

This rank is for sect leaders or very important priests of the faith.

Full Members

Full membership is for all those who have undergone the rite of initiation.


This rank is for secular leaders of the faith, those who hold great power and influence in the name of the church.


This rank is for priests.


This is a prestigious rank for lords or other secular nobles who have proved their worth.


This is the standard rank for nobles who have full membership.


Aspirants are followers who have not yet dedicated their lives to the gods and have yet to fufill their rite of initiation.


An acolyte is an initiate who is ready to commit himself to the Blood Cult, and awaits a priest for the rite of initiation in order to become a full member.


An initiate is an aspirant who is learning the ropes in hopes of climbing in the hierarchy but is not yet ready to commit.


An aspirant is someone who seeks our the faith, but has yet to make any commitment.

The Blood Cult
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With the church as its heart and the followers as its veins,

our faith shall flow throughout these lands.

(Religion Spread)

Continent / Island Beluaterra
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