The Blood Cult/Myths/New Tlahtocayotl

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This prophecy foretells the creation of a new Tlahtocaoytl, modeled after the original, by the living in the realm of the living. Signs indicate it is supposed to happen in the not-so-distant future, through unknown actors.

The clans were dispersed, the great temples collapsed and society was plunged into chaos. Men went their own way, women followed. The world had changed, brothers turned their backs to each other, castles and walls were no longer erected to unite but to divide. The betrayal was complete.

Of the remnants of chieftains and of the matriarchs, a small alliance was forged. With the blessings of the gods, they will rise, create order where the others could not. From different paths they will forge a new, more stable one. But they will not complete it, the contenders and jealous will rise, their efforts will be halted. Only their child can, and one day this child shall end the opposition and become the Hueyi Tlatoani, and civilization and order will gradually return to the land as his teachings are spread.

---As pieced together by Louis-Joseph Chénier, Teocoatl of the Blood Cult