The Blood Cult/Myths/Arxanatl and Xerotl

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Arxanatl and Xerotl

In the time after the birth of Arxanatl the Xenotl came to realize a great danger to themselves: the daimons of Nethitlpl had grown to hate them, and with their blades of obsidian at his command, Arxanatl would one day seek the vengeance of his people. The war with the young daimons had taught the Xenotl that they could not survive this coming war: they needed a champion.

In the aeons that the daimons rebuilt their civilization under the rule of Arxanatl, the Xenotl found their champion. From the hearts and minds of their creations they took a small piece of their champion: justice, order, power, and the unending desire for war. These they kept for a time.

As their creations waxed and waned, there were those who stood above all others: great kings, warriors, and heroes of men. As each of these reached the height of their power and passed on to the realm of Itzpapalotl, the Xenotl took the smallest portion of their greatness, holding each for later.

Eventually, the Xenotl amassed a great horde of these qualities. The Xenotl then traveled to a place beyond all worlds they had traveled to before: a place beyond even time and thought - where there was naught but chaos. There they scattered the pieces of greatness they had been collecting for so long into the chaos.

As the pieces scattered, the Xenotl were surprised to discover the chaos receding. All that they had scattered gathered together, bringing order from the chaos. Shadows spread into every corner of this new realm, and from this shadow sprung massive fortresses and towers. As the Xenotl watched, a new being formed in front of them. Emerging from the shadows they had seeded, he was a dark thing to behold: both terrible and wonderful. In one hand he held an icy mace of great power, and in the other he held a great staff. On his shoulders rested a great serpent, the likes of which had before been seen.

The Xenotl named this warrior Xerotl and gave to him a small portion of the dead that were in the care of Itzpapalotl. With these dead he formed a great number of armies, choosing those great kings and heroes that had helped to create him as the marshals of these armies.

It is with these terrible Armies of Dark that Xerotl now waits for the second war with the daimons. That his kin may live, he will fight. As the ages pass the Lord of Shadow waits, his eyes always to the future.