The Blood Cult/Myths/Arxanatl

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The following takes place in the early ages, a tale that few have heard. The creation of Arxanatl.

Nethitlpl, or Netherworld as it is more commonly referred as, was a burning world, never ceasing to put out its flame. Fire was its only light, and in the places were fire never burned, only sheer darkness remained. The land is old, and the flames are never quenched. Neither the Xenotls, nor the Xelatls new where the land came from.

Foatl had created humans from the sun’s fire. In the time following, the humans were ignored, and withered away without much help from the gods. Thus those who survived became birds and flew to the skys. Another portion of the humans, seeing there was not much left in the land, fled to Nethitlpl. There they began to build the foundations of a civilization. They loved Nethitlpl as the unceasing fire was very good in their eyes, but bore a grudge against the Xelatl’s for abandoning them to the land. Soon they called themselves daimons, or demons.

In time, they discovered that they were not the only inhabitants of the land. The Xenolts had fled to the Nethitlpl even before they were created, and had taken occupation of the darkest regions of the land. The daimons brought gifts of reverence to them, and the most precious stones of the region, they presented them to the Xenolts. The Xenolts were pleased, and they brought great prosperities to the people.

However, the daimons grew strong, great warriors and chieftains appeared. Clubs and spears they wrought with their hands, and obsidian blades from the rock they constructed. The Xenotls began to get very much afraid of them. Then Xenolts then schemed among one another saying, “Let us destroy these people before they grow too strong, else they may be the end of us!” So they brought with each other a great spear in one hand, and a shield in the other and proceeded to slay the daimons with great ferocity.

The Daimons were angry with the Xenotls for they had been hospitable with them and given gifts of great magnitude. The battles raged on, with many men dying. Then they managed to wound Jacotl. The sight of their wounded brother saddened, and surprised the Xenotls, and they backed away from the battles. They again hid in the darkest regions of the Nethitlpl. The Daimons, with no one to fight after a much heated warfare proceeded to fight amongst themselves and slaughter each other in great battles. Once Jacotl’s wounds were healed, the Xenolts were ready to leave Nethitlpl, for it was to dangerous for them. The daimons however, would not let them go without asking them to give them something. The Xenolts agreed, out of guilt of what they had done. The daimons wanted someone to bring order to the land, and to bring the people together.

The Xenolts agreed again, and took one of their greatest chieftains and killed him. They then added the strength of all the Xenolts blood into him, and blew a great firestorm into his mouth. They named him Arxanatl.. He was just, and organized, and very strong. Arxanatl, though, wanted revenge for the suffering of his people. He gathered the daimon people together and chased the Xenolts out of the Nethitlpl. With that, Arxanatl proceeded to rebuild the fallen daimon people.