The Blood Cult/Lost Souls

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Author: Louis-Joseph Chénier

First Entry

The Lost Souls were a mysterious faction which appeared in the middle of the third beluaterran invasion. At first, a freeman called Alfredo (or so I recall) roamed the lands, travelling many realms and asking to see priests. I had a brief encounter with the man, and he told of possession and other ill fate. He would not remain with me, though, and quickly left for foreign lands, perhaps even asking for death. At first we suspected daimonic possession, but since the man then disappeared interest in the subject did not advance much further.

Later, he reappeared with a large army of daimon-ish followers, called "Lost Souls". These seemed independent from the other daimons and from the undead, and I believe they caused some damage on their great trek. They were not seen as villains, but I believe they did act as antagonists, but realms would have to be questioned further to better understand the issue.

Finally, something happened. What, how, when, I can't say. However, the leader of the Lost Souls, the Alfredo mentioned earlier, is reported to have stated how Summoner betrayed him. Since documentation was always scarce and I am relying purely on memory right now, I cannot say exactly when this happened, but I would believe it was after the undead had their master taken and before the monsters had their island burnt.