The Blood Cult/Doctrine

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A faithful seeking the will of the gods.

Note: This is a work in progress.

  • Gender rights
The gods have no preferred genders, and the myths tell of great women and women ruled empires. Though differences are acknowledged and, in some places, some roles are attributed to a certain sex, these do not change the worth or reflect any form of discrimination by the gods, it's merely the strength of a persistent tradition.
  • Marriage
Marriage is the social and religious institution for procreation. Chastity is not obliged, but it is preferred. Fidelity is expected. Polygamy is allowed in all forms if accepted by all prior spouses, and re-marriage following a death of the spouse (if single) as long as the deceased did not formally request otherwise. Marriages by other faiths are accepted, but a "second wedding" is preferred for those who stem of foreign practices. Many kinds of spirits and herbs are used at the ceremony to various effects, most notably to reduce as much pain and bleeding from the woman's (usually presumed, if noble) first time.
  • Religious tolerance
Other faiths are usually considered offshoots of the classical Blood Cult, and as such are usually studied instead of persecuted. However, some of these are not faiths at all, but political tools, these are to be smitten by the faithful whenever possible.
  • Sex
Since inheritance is not as important to the common people (peasants don't inherit of kingdoms, for example), the norms are not the same for nobles and peasants, the latter having much more freedoms, though respect being a norm. Pre-marital chastity, through not zealously enforced, is a thing of the nobles. Fidelity, in the cultist sense, is to not engage in sexual relations with a person to whom you are not married without having prior consent from (all of) your spouse(s). To simplify the laws of noble inheritance, though, it is expected that these sexual relations not be had with anyone whose physical appearance might bring confusion as to the child's "legitimacy" ("illegitimate" children are allowed, if the other rules are respected, but follow a different system of inheritance). There are otherwise no restrictions in regards to sexual acts, be it positions, body parts used, or the number and gender of the partners. Equally, prostitution can, if it respects the norms of the caste, be acceptable and even viewed highly of.