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Printed in Ornaz
March Issue is Here!!!!

News Marker.gif Antoza Commonwealth's Last Days?

As you know, there has been a declaration of war on Svunnetland by Lasanar. Shortly after Greater Aenilia took it upon itself to join the fight and help Lasanar. This lead to a huge battle at Anacan that gave a shocking blow to both Greater Aenilia and Antoza Commonwealth. All three in the battle, Lasanar, Antoza and Aenilia were are all handicapped. Because in all three. All three rulers were severely injured and were lucky to escape with their lives. Because of this it fell upon the shoulders of Tharion, High Marshal of Greater Aenilia, to handle the nobles of Greater Aenilia.

Word on the recovery of Kestrelle, Orphen and Corey are still unknown and nobody know their current condition however healers say they should be fine but like mothers, the rulers' realms can't help worrying. - 07 Mar 10

News Marker.gif Svunnetland's True Agenda

The current situation in the Far East has become a north, south kind of alliance pattern. Although that is not strictly what's happening but it is roughly accurate. As everyone knows, Svunnetland, is part of the northern side and has pledged it's efforts to help destroy Nighthelm and stop Soliferum and Zonasa from being destroyed however it seems Svunnetland has it's own intentions and don't really mind seeing Soliferum destroyed. It seems that Svunnetland is only interested in taking Palnasos from the Sanctum of Casshern.

There are several pieces of evidence to support this story such as the fact that Svunnetland has given minimal assistance in the whole southern campaign and because of this Soliferum has suffered significantly. Svunnetland, since the rebellion in the Sanctum, have been asking for assistance in attacking Palnasos. In one of High Marshal, Sabastian's letters he actually proposed that, Greater Aenilia actually abandon Zonasa and forget about Batesoar. Instead Sabastian proposed, Greater Aenilia, attack Palnasos with them. This offer was of course refused.

Is Svunnetland showing it's true colours? - 07 Mar 13

News Marker.gif A Traitor!?

Last night, Tana, a longly suspicious sent an "accidental" message to the whole realm about how she was conspiring with King Morthwyl of Svunnetland and that a Svunnetland army was marching to Idapur. Of course this was only seen as a stupid attempt to disrupt relations but a few in the realm really do fear Svunnetland's hostility. Laughable really, I mean what could Svunnetland do with that pathetic army that they are now dividing into two?

Because of this fact everybody highly doubts Svunnetland actually wants war with Greater Aenilia because of the crushing defeat that scenario would provide them. Sadly, the traitor, Tana, was offered a duel to the death from both Kazuma and Tharion, sadly breaking the laws of greater Aenilia themselves but Kazuma let Tharion march up to Idapur and take on the banshee. The Arch Priest Luyten, like usual, is trying to "save Tharion from himself". Poor Luyten is like a mother. Cares too much. I mean really, just take the womans head off, no fuss.

As for serious diplomacy it’s not really heard of. Everyone looks at Tana as just a bluff and it probably is. Although Svunnetland may be greedy when it comes to Palnasos but they aren’t completely stupid. As in not stupid enough to take on the might of Greater Aenila. They’d just be smidged.

Bits'n'Pieces of GA

Rebellious newcomers? All we do is try to get them to help us fight. Fight for their realm for gods sake!! And they go trying to overthrow the government. Just go away.

Luyten like usual won’t let anyone duel anyone like usual and, like our mothers, won’t budge. It’s as useless as trying to persuade a wooden palisade when it comes to trying to persuade Luyten.

Is this really the best newspaper to ever exist in all of the Far East? Of course it you stupid plonker!! Look at it’s beauty……

Zelos, the duke that most of us has never heard speak before. Gives us a scout report. Congratulations are still pouring in and the media just can’t get enough of it. Zelos!!! Zelos, actually said something. Hooray!!!!

Annoying war eh? Why can’t everyone just move up here near Great Aenilia so we don’t have to march so bloody far.

Newcomers in their last. Only two last newcomers remain out of the, about 20. These ones weren’t found in the underground. Are they really loyal? Who cares, put your hands together for Mattador and Mona.


Monthly Interview

Interview with Morthwyl, King of Svunnetland
Q1) Do you think the Sanctum of Casshern has reformed for the better or worse? Why?
Xerxes was a tyrant, Victor is a murderer. The irony of this reform is not wasted on us, a rebellion among rebels. The change of regime only replaced one enemy of Svunnetland with another, the only improvement being that Victor showed his true colours a while ago at the second Siege of Palnasos.

Between threatening to drink our blood from our skulls, kill our men and rape our women, I do not view his ascension as an improvement over his predecessor. Not only that, he is also mentally unfit to rule, as he has conveniently forgotten the events of the war…

Q2) Do you have any ambitious plans for Svunnetland?
My plans are not so much ambitious as they are long overdue. Palnasos has been a city of Svunnetland for the past millennium, and it will be once more.
Q3) How do believe a kingdom is best ruled?
Uncompromisingly. A King traditionally holds absolute power, and there must be no question to that power. While the nobles of Svunnetland have always had extensive rights as far as freedom of speech and freedom of action go, they also have their obligations to the Crown.

While a King should encourage and welcome constructive debate, even from those who disagree with him, he should also ensure that his commands are carried out.

Q4) What do you think the outcome of this war will be? Who will gain what?
That depends entirely on the Sanctum. If they are willing to negotiate a treaty that is reasonable given their current situation I would be willing to let them continue to exist. If they insist on their demands of land and reparation, they will be destroyed utterly. For my own part, I care little for what happens to that abomination of a realm…

News Marker.gif Kazuma's Monthly Words of Wisdom

Do you see an opportunity? Something that might tear apart lives of others but will gain for you?

Such as in a realm. There is no militia. You have some good friends. Why not just kick the king out and make yourself the ruler. Then you can bathe in gold. Oh, Great. Nothing to to worry to about now. That is short term thinking. For a while you may go untouched but they will seek revenge... Rulers from around the world will pursue an honourable path and strike you down. to betray something that you swore fealty to is disgusting. You betray the very roots of your honour for mere greed.

But what if you don't care about your honour. What if you just want the power. Let me tell you. You will enjoy ruling for a short while but after you will feel guilty. You will not have pride in yourself, knowing that you came to power through destroying someone else. No, you won't. It's real pleasure and pride when you earn power and people are proud of you to be in that position. Power alone is worthless but earned. It is the reason to live.

That is why one must live by his codes of honour and get power when it comes to him.

News Marker.gif Monthly Question

How many realms on all the islands put together are there?

The first one to answer it correctly will receive 50 gold.

News Marker.gif Monthly Products

Hmm, the producer of these mustn't like scribes......

Product 1) This little baby is, the scribe scalper. Do you ever get sick of that disgusting hair do your scribe wears when he walks in to check on you. Don't you just want to cut it off? Well now you can. Scribe-Killers know offers a perfectly shaped blade for scalping your scribe so their hair can never grow back again. Presto!! Problem permanently solved.

Product 2) We are now selling Anti-Scribe trained horses. When these babies see a scribe they will go wild. Perfect when you scribe is standing there sticking his nose up with pride, holding his little bits of paper. Before the scribe knows it. The horse will have kicked hi to the floor and trampled all over him. Now you don't have to waste your effort on beating them up yourself.

Scribe Killers.PNG Scribe-killers is a trademark of killing-scribes-corp all rights reserved.

Global News

Detailed Reports

Ruler election in Lasanar, The realm of Lasanar has reconfirmed Kestrelle as its Prime Minister. She received 54 % of the valid votes. - 2nd Mar

Ruler election in Soliferum, The realm of Soliferum has elected Conan as its new Prime Minister. He received 77 % of the valid votes. - 2nd Mar

Huge Battle Fought,

Rumours spread and tales are sung about a huge battle in Cutnipaniel: Soliferum vs. Nighthelm

Estimated combat strengths: 10000 CS vs. 9000 CS, Attacker Victory!. - 5th Mar

A New Season, The season has turned and it is now Spring. - 7th Mar

Rebellion in Sanctum of Casshern

A rebellion is breaking out in Sanctum of Casshern. Earlier today, Victor has called for an uprising against the current government. Details are still sketchy. - 13th Mar

A new war is breaking out, Grand Lodge of Lunaria has declared war on Soliferum. - 13th Mar

Huge Battle Fought

Rumours spread and tales are sung about a huge battle in Osaliel: Grand Lodge of Lunaria, Nighthelm vs. Soliferum

Estimated combat strengths: 16000 CS vs. 5000 CS, Attacker Victory! - 13th Mar

Huge Battle Fought

Rumours spread and tales are sung about a huge battle in Osaliel: Soliferum vs. Grand Lodge of Lunaria, Nighthelm

Estimated combat strengths: 6000 CS vs. 10000 CS, Defender Victory! - 14th Mar

Huge Battle Fought

Rumours spread and tales are sung about a huge battle in Osaliel: Soliferum vs. Grand Lodge of Lunaria, Nighthelm

Estimated combat strengths: 7000 CS vs. 10000 CS, Defender Victory! - 14th Mar

Rebellion in Sanctum of Casshern

The government of Sanctum of Casshern has been overthrown in a bloody rebellion. The leader of the rebel forces, Victor, has been announced the new ruler.

The government of Sanctum of Casshern has been reformed. The realm is now a Republic. - 14th Mar

A new war is breaking out, Svunnetland has declared war on Sanctum of Casshern. - 19th Mar

Ruler election in Sanctum of Casshern, The realm of Sanctum of Casshern has elected Joannes as its new Prime Minister. He received 50 % of the valid votes. - 22nd Mar

A new war is breaking out, Nighthelm has declared war on Greater Aenilia - 23rd Mar

News Marker.gif Conan's Back!!

- 1st Mar Conan has been re-elected as Prime Minister of Soliferum. Was Cid bad? Would he have led Soliferum to ill fate? We don't even know! Who cares, it's what we do know and we know that Conan is good. The situation with Soliferum is getting pretty damn bad. The Grand Lodge and Nighthelm squishing them so they have no escape. Only Conan can possibly have a chance of getting Soliferum ut of this one. Or is it that his interests only rest at the vision of dying an honourable death. Who knows? Only Conan.

News Marker.gif Lasanar Declares War on Antoza Commonwealth

- 3rd Mar Today Lady Kestrelle, Prime Minister of Lasanar declared war with the Antoza Commonwealth after waiting far too long for the return of the region Lenamaziel. Kestrelle also states that when Colasan seceded, Antoza Commonwealth didn't bother coming to Lasanar at a time of need and instead sided with Colasan. There Lasanar resolutes the situation in a nice big war to take back what is theres and as punishment, take even more than what is rightfully theirs.

News Marker.gif Rebellion in the Sanctum of Casshern

- 16th Mar Yesterday, Victor called for a rebellion in the Sanctum of Casshern. He claimed King Xerxes to be corrupt and useless. Victor, today, overthrew the government in a bloody rebellion and Xerxes and the loyalists were expelled from their lands, most of them fleeing to Antoza Commonwealth. Victor then reformed the government into a Republic. Critics claim it is only to put on an image of him being a more fair man. However it looks like the Sanctum hasn't changed. Still a load a babies arguing over something or rather..

News Marker.gif Down goes Batesoar

- 18th March It was early 3 days ago when the Principality of Zonasa smashed into the region and took control and began slowly taking it over. Since then Nighthelmian men have been completely ignoring the takeover. In fact they've burrowed deeper than ever behind enemy lines. It's as if they don't care about Batesoar. Well this morning the takeover finally succeeded and Batesoar became a city of Zonasa. With these events, Nighthelm took it upon itself to declare war on Greater Aenilia. A foolish move. They will be crushed under the immense might of the Aenilians.

News Marker.gif New Ruler in the Sanctum of Casshern

- 22nd March A new ruler in the Sanctum? Is this a turn for the good or a turn for the bad. This morning, Joannes, Former Judge of Sanctum of Casshern, was elected as ruler. Does she carry the same motives as Victor. Joannes was in fact one of the traitors of Xerxes and it looks a lot as if she has the same motives as Victor. A blood sucking tyrant but really who knows? She seems to have had a very successful career in the Sanctum. I mean judge and High Marshal multiple times under both Victor and Xerxes. Maybe her only motive is what's best for her career.

News Marker.gif Southerners Last Days?

- 24th Mar Nighthelm talks of destroying Soliferum, but even if they do, do they really think they will be forgiven? Definitely not. Nighthelm will be crushed by the northern alliances no matter what choices they make. It's a wonder they continue to fight against the might of the northern alliance. How about Antoza? They think they have a chance of against Lasanar? Haha, Laughable or the patheitc little Grand Lodge. What's so Grand? These realms are doomed no matter what they do. They should just give up now.

News Marker.gif War taking it's Toll.

- 28th Mar As the war goes on people are dying for no reason. As the Grand Lodge, Nighthelm and Antoza idiotically fight on, they only make themselvs responsible for more and more unnecessary innocents of the south. It is causing a massive emigration of Citizens from the south and north. The Southerners claim that they are the only righteous ones and are merely defending themselves. Defneding themselves? They are destroying themselves. Surrender would be the only honourable course of action for them now.

Magna Aenilian Ecclesia

Soliferum's Irresistible Offer

March 1st
Lord Conan, Prime Minister of Mighty Soliferum has made one of the most generous offers to the Far East. He wants any religion to come in and convert the people of Soliferum. The reason he has made such a generous offer is that he wants to remove the taint of the Chaos Requiem that has since plagued the lands of Soliferum. With this great notion, the Leaders of the Magna Aenilia Ecclesia plan to take full advantage of this opportunity. Lord Luyten Dell is already arranging for dozens of preiests to move south and set up foundation for the church.
Whilst the planning goes on the other leaders of the church are rallying additional priests to come and help convert Soliferum. There is also because of this going to be a lack of priests in the other casual areas of preaching, so some very sad priests have been ordered to stay and carry out their usual routine. Some are happy about it though because they hate travelling. Sadly there is not enough time to look at everyones preferences. Just get to Soliferum, Priests!!!

Special News

The Great Debates of Nations, 2007!!!

People of the Far East, the Aenilian Times if planning to host an explosive week of debating and every nation of the Far East is welcome. In this week, 3 topics will be given to debate about. two about real situations regarding the Far East, one about something that doesn't bother anyone and is pretty much random. In this week, templates will be set up and whole documents of debating Issued around the Far East. A delegate from each realm, for each topic, will be chosen to represent their realms meaning there will be 3 delegates from 3 realms. Rulers are also allowed to participate and put their name forth.

This event is not set with perfect stability yet and new ideas for it are still going to be accepted. If anyone has any ideas about the event please contact Kazuma in Greater Aenilia and please expect more from the Aenilian Times in far future.

Great Debates Emblem.png

Until Next Time!!!
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