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Printed in Greater Aenilia
The digest from the lands of the Aenil
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February, Issue 1
A tasty Issue involving an interview with the one and only, Duke Luyten. Stunning feedback from the church. Of course with this Issue we kick of with out monthly question. We now have our first advertisers on our newspaper and they're debut is in this article. They seem a little odd.......
March, Issue 2
Oooh, an Interview with King Morthwyl and his ambition to take palnasos for Svunnetland. Out odd advertisers are still coming up with some very interesting things like usual. Our monthly question has just greatly increased and Kazuma's monthly words of wisdom get better and better.
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The Story
The Aenilian Times was made by a man named, Kazuma Shenron. Apparently he made this paper because he was bored to death in Greater Aenilia. However had sworn his service to the realm and will never shatter his honour by changing realms. So he decided to entertain himself and why stop there? Why not entertain everybody by showing them what goes on in Greater Aenilia. Well sure it may seem a boring place but really. Unofficial things seem to go on......quite a lot. Actually we've had many mysterious things going on, with all those Aenil floating around.
We probably have the strangest staff out of all the newspapers. We have our editor, Kazuma, and then anyone is allowed to make an article!!! All articles that have an author written on them are guest articles and all without are made by Kazuma!!! Simple? Of course it is!!

To make an article, put it here HERE. It will then have a chance of making it into an Issue!!!

for the reporters

Kazuma has the press made in Ornaz but for Special Editions, They are usually printed in Idapur for extended popularity and publicity. Usually people will find the printing warehouse a bit old, crummy and stingy but as long as it does the job we're happy with it. Although it would be nice to get a new one. Maybe when we release some good issues and start being recognized as one of the best newspapers in the Far East.

For new reporters please acknowledge that we don't want people who are scared and are not confident in themselves. Because you lot tend to be scared to report news about people that they don't want reported.

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