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Template-info.svg Semantic Coded Template
This template contains semantic coding. Do not use this template for anything other than its intended purpose.
Template-info.svg Template Documentation
This documentation is transcluded from Template:RegionBox/doc.



This template is part of the RegionBox Project, dedicated to providing customized, stylish region boxes to wiki users.

This template is coded for automatic tagging of properties for the Semantic Wiki. This means that the wiki can interpret the information in the region box, and display it on other pages, or be used in queries.

This template get almost all of its data using the new external data APIs. This means that information such as realm and duchy allegiance, local lord, etc. all come straight from the game itself. This info will change dynamically to always reflect the actual in-game values! No more manual updates of this basic info.

This template will place your region in the appropriate island/region category. Do not add a "Regions" or "Realms" category to your page.


These parameters are used by the template.


  • World - (required) The world number of the region: EC = 1, AT = 2, Colonies = 3, BT = 4, FEI = 7, Dwilight = 8.
  • Region - (required) The region ID of the region you want to show. You can get this from the URL of the region map in the game, or from the link to the region in the region listing.


  • TitleBackColor - The color code for the title bar backgrounds. Defaults to #000000 (black).
  • TitleTextColor - The color code of the title bar text. Defaults to #FFFFFF (white).
  • BackColor - The background color for the regionbox. Defaults to #DDDDDD (light gray).
  • BorderStyle - The style of the box borders. Defaults to "hidden". Change to "single" to display the borders. (May not work quite right. Probably best to leave it as "hidden" until I figure it out.)
  • BorderColor - The color of the borders. Defaults to #000000 (black)
  • Gold - The approximate gold production of the region.
  • Food - The approximate food production of the region.

Note that the food and gold values may be obsolete with the implementation of the New Economy. If this happens, they will be removed from the template. For now I will leave them here, and they will be displayed if provided.


For a super-basic, no frills region box, use the super-basic syntax. If you want to color=customize your region box, see the second sample.

Super-Basic Syntax

This is all you have to provide to make a regionbox:


For example, for Libidizedd on Dwilight:


If you want to specify a title bar back color and text color, add two more parameters like this:


For example, for Libidizedd on Dwilight, I use:


Syntax for color customized region boxes

If you want the region box to have a specific color scheme, you can add some extra parameters, like this. See the parameter descriptions for details. Leave out anything you want, and the defaults will be used.

| World = 
| Region = 
| BorderStyle = 
| BackColor = 
| TitleBackColor = 
| TitleTextColor = 
| Gold = 
| Food = 

For example, for Libidizedd, a region of Astrum on Dwilight:

| World = 8
| Region = 200
| TitleBackColor = #17375E

Displaying a Realm Banner in the RegionBox

A new feature of RegionBox is the ability to automatically display the banner of the realm to which the region is aligned. All it takes is for an appropriately named image to be uploaded, and all regions aligned to that realm that use the RegionBox template will show the banner. The image must be uploaded using a specific name. It should also follow some important guidelines. Remember that the region page is all about the region, and not the realm to which it is currently aligned. Therefore the banner should not be a big banner, nor should it overpower the RegionBox or the page overall.

  • The image must be PNG format.
  • The image must be no wider than ~280 pixels.
  • The image should be short. The maximum should be around 100 pixels.
  • The image must be named as follows:
  • RB_(regionname).png
  • Where (regionname) is the exact name of the realm as used in-game.
  • For example, the small banner used for Astrum is named RB_Astrum.png

If you don't follow these guidelines, you will probably end up with a very ugly RegionBox.