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This template is part of the RealmBox Project.

This is the opening element of the realmbox. It must be the first block used.


All possible parameters, vertical format:

  • Margin (Default:5px) = The distance between the table and the content around it. Larger numbers leave more whitespace around the RealmBox.
  • Width (Default:315px) = The width of the realmbox. It will increase automatically if you place any large images in any of the blocks.
  • Align (Default:Right) = The alignment of the realmbox on the page. If it is right or left, text will flow around it. Use "none" to prevent the table from "floating". (i.e. text will not wrap around it.)
  • BorderStyle = The style of table borders. Use "hidden" to create a RealmBox without any border lines at all.
  • BorderColor (Default:#000000) = The color of the table lines.
  • Border (Default:1px) = The size (thickness) of the table lines.
  • BackColor (Default:#FFFFFF) = The background color of the entire realmbox.
  • TextColor (Default:#000000) = The color of the text to use in the cells.
  • ExtraCSS (Default:blank) = Any extra CSS elements desired to modify the table layout. Make sure to include the closing semicolon.


You can copy/paste the following text to use this as part of your realmbox.

Typical Usage

For normal, basic usage of the template, most users will only use the following parameters:


Complete List

Power users who want complete control, or have an elaborate design, may wish to copy this complete parameter list. Make sure to delete the parameters you are not using.

|Margin = 
|Width = 
|Align = 
|Border = 
|BorderStyle = 
|BorderColor = 
|BackColor = 
|TextColor = 
|ExtraCSS =