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This template is part of the RealmBox Project.

This template is for placing an image in your realmbox. Any image that has been uploaded to the wiki may be used.

This template is very similar to Template:RBMap, except that the contents of the cell is an image uploaded to the wiki, and not confined to a game-generated map.


All possible parameters, vertical format:

  • VAlign (Default:middle) = Vertical alignment of the content in the cells (top/middle/bottom)
  • CellAlign (Default:center) = Horizontal alignment of the content in the cells (left/right/center)
  • BorderBottomStyle (Default:solid) = style of the bottom border, use "hidden" to remove the bottom border
  • BorderBottomWeight (Default:1px) = weight of the bottom border
  • BorderBottomColor (Default:#000000) = color of the bottom border
  • BackColor (Default:#ffffff) = color of cell background
  • Image = The name of the image file. Must be an image uploaded to the wiki. Do not include the "Image:" part of the name.
  • Caption (Default:blank) = A caption placed under the image.
  • TextSize (Default:75%) = The size of the text to be used in the caption.
  • TextColor (Default:#000000) = The color of the text to use in the caption.
  • TextWeight (Default:normal) = The weight of the text in the caption (normal/bold)
  • TextStyle (Default:oblique) = The style of text to use in the caption (normal/oblique). Default is "oblique", which is a fancy way of saying "italics". (Those wacky web design people and their fancy terms...)


You can copy/paste the following text to use this as part of your realmbox.

Typical Usage

For normal, basic usage of the template, most users will only use the following parameters:

|Image = 
|Caption = 

Complete List

Power users who want complete control, or have an elaborate design, may wish to copy this complete parameter list. Make sure to delete the parameters you are not using.

|VAlign = 
|CellAlign = 
|BorderBottomStyle = 
|BorderBottomWeight = 
|BorderBottomColor = 
|BackColor = 
|Image = = 
|Caption = 
|TextSize = 
|TextColor = 
|TextWeight =