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The template now uses an external feed for most of its attributes, keeping it better up to date. It also makes uses of semantics.


{{Infobox Sirion


{{Infobox Sirion

Sirion at its peak II-adj.png
Continent: Located on::East Continent
Capital: {{#ask: capital of::Sirion| default=Unknown}}
Largest City: {{#ask: part of::Sirion [[is regiontype::Stronghold limit = 1 | sort = population | order = desc | searchlabel= | default=Unknown}}
Government System: government type is::Republic
Prime Minister: Zadek
Commander: Elric
Judge: Lerriana
Lord Speaker: Lyanna
Regions: {{#ask: part of::Sirion is regiontype::+ | format = count | default=Unknown}}
Population: {{#ask: part of::Sirion | ?population | format = sum | default = 0}}
Nobles: 82
Adventurers: 4
Last updated: 8/04/12