Taselak (Old SEI)

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Coat of Arms of Taselak

Taselak; virtue honour valor

Taselak is home to many warriors in search of honourable recognition its goal, to strive to rule the entire south east island. its government a monoarchy


  • Ruler: Sir Lone Wolf Del Toro
  • General: Penny Hierarch
  • Judge: Serindu Dickerson

Taselak Lore

Taselak has come a long way from its original form to its current status. as told from its oldest member, King Lone Wolf. the realm originally founded and mostly filled with new inspiring young troopleaders had no direction nor leadership experience. Sir Lone Wolf being the only member of experience in all government positions at the time of election was nominated overwhelmingly. much to the demise of certain individuals who thought they could find a quick rise to power. Lone Wolf was the first and only King of Taselak. Taselak was the first realm to be hit against the 2 on 1 onslaughter of Sandalak and Ikalak. in the begining Ikalak had much of its troopleaders barreling down toward attacking Taselak's Capital. this was Taselak's first taste of adversity.

To add salt to the wounds Ikalak deployed a dirty trick into convincing Taselak's ex judge/duke to ban all troopleaders and disband the militia. unfortunately for ikalak the ex-judge was caught and banned. around the same time the inexperienced sore troopleaders from the begining fled like rats to a sinking ship. unfortunately they would later resurface using black magic (ooc: cheating) in order to try to rebel and take the realm under their control. but with new troopleaders and some political work, taselak made a CF pact with sandalak, that pushed Ikalak back. Taselak had ikalak on the brink, with its Full force ready to march on Ikalak city for some payback, when an unfortunate incident happened.

Sandalak breaking thier own CF agreement attacked Taselak without warning. and again Taselak was pushed onto a 2 front war after a few months with only 3 regions left. snadlak and ikalak came to disagreements with each other, and Taselak was able to capitalize on this and make a Pact with Sandalak. with that in hand Taselak restructured its council and made a push foreward into the heart of ikalak and even taken the toren. unfortunately this came to a dispute that Sandalak did not agree with dispite all members of taselak fully knowing the agreement was that the toren was an up for grabs region. what lies infront of Taselak is yet to be known but it will be interesting to see what outcome will happen.

Taselak Memorial Cemetery

Tan o'Serrai (ex-General of Taselak)- Missing in Action

Black Knight (lord) - Killed in Action

Formidus the True(ex-General of Taselak)- Killed in action

Hell (knight) - killed in Action

ironhelm - killed in Action

The hero silver of Taselak was killed helping peasents break the Sandalak Take-Over on Taselak.

The hero Crichton of Taselak was killed.