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Thanks to the creator of the template, it came in handy. -Loren

Is this supposed to be a guild? Oligarch doesnt have a White Knights guildhouse...Vellos 14 March 2006 05:20 (CET)

A guild house isn't claimed. Loren 14 March 2006 10:01 (CET)

By the way, the White Knights were created in PARM by Circle, I/(Doc) was the one that built the House in Sirion City Primus Family

Complete Locations

  • Avamar
  • Greatbridge
  • Isadril
  • Limbar
  • Oporto
  • Parm
  • Sir Temple
  • Sirion
  • Skezard
  • Slimbar
  • Tabost
  • Trinbar