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As a player, I'm not out to chase fame, but I'm trying to track it as it comes my way...

  • No Judge Fame Point - Caroline was appointed Judge in Valentia, Beluaterra, but at that time, Valentia only had 4 regions. Not a large enough realm for a Fame Point.
  • Unknown Fame Point - noticed on 30NOV2007. Events around that time:
    • Freidroch - gains 2 honor in battle in Nazgorn the day before.
    • Willem - accepts a militia unit in Amdor (a day or so before).
    • Caroline - nothing exceptional.
    • Dana - fighting Undead in Itorunt. He gained a point of honor, increased his adventuring skill and saw his first Undead Champion. Wasn't able to defeat the beast, but fought it.
    • Current family Honor: 215
    • Current family Prestige: 75
  • Unknown Fame Point - noticed on 01DEC2007. Events around that time:
    • Freidroch -Scout Reports, travel.
    • Willem - drops a militia unit in _____, a Falasan Region.
    • Caroline - Scout Reports, roleplays on the funeral service of Erin, in Heen, travel.
    • Dana - fighting Undead in Itorunt.
    • Current family Honor: 215 - unchanged
    • Current family Prestige: 75 - unchanged

I'm changing one of the Unknowns to an Unclarity. Caroline has a 65-70% skill level for bureaucracy.

  • Death Fame Point - noticed in early February. Events around that time:
    • Dana (advy) - executed
    • Freidroch increased his leadership skill level in a battle with Monsters in Nazia.
    • I'm tossing it to the Death Point
  • Duke Fame Point - 12FEB2008. Events around that time:
    • Willem appointed Duke of Barad Gardor (evening turn of 11FEB2008)
    • Current family Honor: 218
    • Current family Prestige: 74
  • NOTE: Sponsoring Army Fame Point - FEB2008. Events around that time:
    • Fame did not rise after Willem sponsored an army in Falasan.
    • Current family Honor: 230 (12MAR2008)
    • Current family Prestige: 77 (12MAR2008)
  • Sponsoring Army Fame Point - 17MAR2008. Events around that time:
    • a few battles for Willem and Freidroch (a few honor points each)
    • an honor point for Caroline's continued buro work
    • Caroline's buro skill estimated at 80% at the academy in Heen
    • Fame did rise to 13. Noticed on 17MAR2008
    • Current family Honor: 237 (17MAR2008)
    • Current family Prestige: 77 (17MAR2008) - no change
  • Judge and unclarified Fame Points - 22JUL2008. Events around that time:
    • Caroline is elected Judge in Heen
    • Caroline steps down as Baroness of Apokh
    • since last update, Willem has become a Cavalier and Freidroch became a Hero
    • Freidroch's leadership skill seems to keep rising
    • Willem now commands a unit of 115 men
    • Current family Honor: 315 (22JUL2008)
    • Current family Prestige: 87 - Includes 2 unique items (+3P and +4P) (22JUL2008)

Fame of Tinsley Family


Tinsley Family

FB Banker.png
(Willem, Caroline)
FB Duke.png
FB Lord.png
(Willem, Caroline)

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
(Willem, Freidroch, Caroline)
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
(Willem, Freidroch, Caroline)
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000

FB Army Sponsor.png
Army Sponsor
FB Placeholder.png

FB Death.png

FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
(Caroline, bureaucracy)

FB Unknown.png

Total: 13 points

(and yes, the placeholder is there just to remind me about it)