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Done now. Next issue will probably be started early next month, as more news surfaces in the realm, any ideas leave them here or on my talk page. Also, if you have any characters in Itorunt, then feel free to help write this, I need more characters to interview for the next issues. --The1exile 15 January 2006 11:59 (CET)

Just so you know, the OCPU has officially declared JOURNALISTIC WAR on the Itorunt Informer. Lets see who sells more copies! HAVE AT YE!!! Vellos 8 March 2006 23:08 (CET)

Bring it! With the support of ARSE we shall crush your puny news editions! Watch the readers flock to us! --The1exile 9 March 2006 19:05 (CET)

The Perdan Pride has withdrawn from OCPU (Now: OCPAU). The editor has given the following reason, "I'm not going to participate in your feuds. Different papers take things different ways." --Kag 10 March 2006 21:59 (CET)

Hmmm, Trying to draw more readers eh?--Twinblade 31 March 2006 23:54 (CEST)

They probably just realized that my news reporting format simply pwns! -- Indirik 1 April 2006 00:10 (CEST)

Cough Cough, your news reporting format? (jk)--Twinblade 1 April 2006 00:19 (CEST)

Actually, This is originally Sirions format. --The1exile 1 April 2006 01:11 (CEST)

See you dont even know what your talking about! We wernt talking about the II format, why is it always about you?--Twinblade 1 April 2006 01:27 (CEST)

Perhaps because this is the talk page of the II? If its not about us then why write them here? --The1exile 1 April 2006 15:22 (CEST)