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Hmmm. Just a thought to spice things up a tad. How we use either the old Island newpaper names for this as well? I mean they are boring names. Here is the list of the old names from the Tiki:

  • Colonies Monthly Ledger
  • Divided Star Herald (Far East)
  • Doubleday Presses (South Islands (Yes both of them))
  • Monster Vision (Beluaterra)
  • New World News (Atamara)
  • Old Times (East Island)

Maybe they could be reworked a tad, I did them quickly one night when I couldn't sleep. But there is something to work with there I think and it makes it more light hearted and fun loving. In fact I like the name I came up with in the first place. BattleMaster Newspaper Agency. It actually comes from an IRL situation. A sort melding of papers in my home town, they are still separately owned but operated together to lower cost. How it works in that they use the same presses but have different staffs and editor. I thought it was a good example for what BM newspapers would be.

I also like the idea, the credit going to Wilson Hendrix, that the newspapers not be a propaganda device but rather report on what is happening in realm. Making it personal and showing what the people of a realm are and were about instead of the what wars they were fighting and who won which battle.

--ESP 18 July 2005 20:42 (CEST)

It would be nice if we could encourage the difference alliances or even individual realms to found their own newspapers. Maybe the island pages should just be link pages to the different papers? That would be a lot of fun on the South Islands, for sure. You'd get three different accounts of every battle!

One way to bring it into the game more would be to find a way to easily link to Wiki pages from inside the game. [Wiki:Island_News], for example. (Of course, that may be easier said than done)

-- Dolohov

Well take a look at this. It is something that I set up, th3e structure is mine the idea for it belongs to Wilson Hendrix.

--Eric S P

Adding a special Wiki link would be trivial, in fact. Just like the Region: etc. syntax, it's just a regex replacement. Gotta cover the spaces and other special chars, so it might not work for all pages, but the basics is easy. --Tom 19 July 2005 17:55 (CEST)

I have a question, where do we put inter-continental newspapers?