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I just wanted you all to know that Norland may end up copying alot of your Wiki stuff... :D We admit, you have superior web skills! :DVellos 30 December 2005 23:12 (CET)

You mean superior copy-pasting skills :p Tariq


Um, I would like to point out that stating unequivocably that "The most basic coin among nobles of Atamara is the GILDER" is quite insulting, as it is comparable to role-playing somebody else's character. This becomes even more so with the ducats and such...from the manner in which they are named, I presume that they are meant to be local coinage. After all, which should somebody in Suville use a coin named after Amdor, or Hawthorne? I don't mind the term "gilder" too much, after none of my characters will ever use that term, but after having stated that the gilder is common to all of Atamara, the implication is that the coins which follow are also common to all of Atamara. I would suggest that you remove the "among nobles of Atamara" part, or at least make it explicitly clear that the coins after the gilder are local, Estonite coinage. --RubyDragon 23 June 12:13 2007 (EST)