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I don't think that bonds are actually even physical pieces of paper. They are simply a notation in the bank's books that a certain amount of gold is being held for that particular person. Pieces of paper could still be stolen or lost, but bonds are not lost unless the realm itself (and thus its bank) falls.

It might also be worth including a mention of guild banks, which follow different rules. --Dolohov 19 July 2005 21:48 (CEST)

I think there are a few different ways to explain bonds. Thinking back to the way things are explained with Battlemaster, I would agree with Dolohov - bonds aren't necessarily pieces of paper, but simply are something held by the bank for a specific noble - possibly more like a security box idea than a promise note.
As for Guild Banks, should those be added into their own topic rather than under the general banking? __Thraymn 21 July 2005 04:25 (CEST)
Guild Banks use direct deposit with gold, not bonds, so there is no need to mention it on a bonds page apart from saying that you cannot deposit bonds into a guild bank. DorianGray 21 July 2005 08:20 (CEST)
I moved/added some of the information in order to more accurately reflect the two different difinitions. -- Marc J. 21 November 2005 16:33 (CET)