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The History of Taith Aenil

As compiled by Orphen Vincent, Pontifex of Taith Aenil


At first, the island of the Far East was composed of two great empires: the Svunnetland Empire and the Arcaean Empire, both of which have realms named after them and are partly considered their successors today. As all great empires such as these do, they eventually broke up into a number of smaller realms such as we have today. One of those realms was Taith Aenil.

Taith Aenil began as the two region Duchy of Idapur (consisting of Idapur and Erahol) of the Svunnetland Empire, which eventually came to be the Arcangela Arella Morningstar. Appointed as Duchess of Idapur by the increasinly deteriorating Senate of the Svunnetland Empire, more and more Duchies were seceeding from the Empire day by day. As the Senate eventually collapsed and dissolved, Arella announced the creation of the realm of Taith Aenil. The secession speech that Arella gave to the Senate is still recorded:

"My fellow Senators, we have all been through so much together, and have grown greatly in recent weeks, as we have been forced to depend on each other through very rough times.

Today is a sad day, for it will be the last time I address you as a body. It is time for all of us to see to the needs of our various cities and regions. A strong, unified Empire once was the best thing for us. Now times have changed and people are looking to you and I, the Dukes and Duchesses, to decentralize the government and set up smaller, more localized sovereignties.

Many of you know my family's story, or claim, rather, that the Morningstar family has descended from an ancient angel. We will now attempt to investigate this claim further. And thus, the day has arrived when Taith Aenil will be birthed from the ashes of a dying Empire. As our name states, we will establish the "Mark of the Angel" upon this Far East Island. To help us never to forget our historical roots, our Mark will be the legendary Phoenix, whose life can only come with the smouldering ashes of death. May we ever hold true to these values until such a time that the Svunnetland Empire can be reborn anew.

At this time, I hereby announce the dissolution of the Senate. Although everyone is free to offer their final words, after today, we will no longer meet. You have been good friends, and some, good rivals. I hope that the friendships will continue."

Thus, the realm of Taith Aenil, Mark of the Angel, was formed; with the Arcangela Arella Morningstar as its Pontifex, to be a realm devoted to religious study and observance as a spiritual model for the rest of the land. Along with or soon after came a number of nobles who remain devoted to Taith Aenil even today, such as the Pontifex Helios, Amedeo the Duke of Nahad, and Julian the Lady of Erahol. A number also came who have since left, such as our old Haruspex Yemmster, who wrote the original laws of Taith Aenil which are still followed in revised form even today.

The First Test

New realms formed as well to border the new Taith Aenil. One of these was Toril, formerly the Duchy of Nahad, which was composed of the city of Nahad and the regions Larmebsi and Ornaz. Toril was originally a prosperous realm which had peace with what remained of the Empire. However, the once happy Toril slowly reduced itself through infighting, after two of its original inner council left and were replaced by those less suitable. It was around this time that, having had enough of Toril's expansionist attitudes, the Arcangela declared war on Toril. The letter declaring a state of war between Toril and Taith Aenil, sent to the council of Toril by the Arcangela Arella is reproduced below.

Whereas Toril has already attempted two takeover attempts in recent days and poses an expansionist threat to Taith Aenil. Whereas Toril's ruler appears to be rather unstable and has been deemed unfit for leadership. Whereas they have ignored and openly rejected requests made by Taith Aenil that they remove themselves from the Duchy of Talex. Whereas their ruler has threatened to kill all messengers arriving from Taith Aenil.

The Inner Sanctum of Taith Aenil has deemed it best to declare war on the monarchy of Toril as our policy is: "Cripple your enemies before thy can injure you."

This, we assure, we will do.

-The Arcangela Arella-

Due to internal strife in Toril and superior leadership by the Arcangela Arella and then-Paladin Helios, Taith Aenil slowly gained ground in the war, beginning with Ornaz. Upon the successful takeover of Ornaz, Helios sent the following message to all throughout the realm:

"Taith Aenil's people have demanded some form of retribution for previous wars between Toril's lands. That does not mean we come here as barbarian hordes killing all we can. Enough people have died. We are here to finally put an end to this cloud of drestuction. We are here to begin merging our peoples and spreading our faith throughout this land.

Unfortunately there are heretics that must be purged first. As Paladin Primus it is my pleasure to start putting the heretics down."


Paladin Primus of Taith Aenil

Around this time formed one of Taith Aenil's longest and strongest friendships, that with the realm of Ethiala. Long have the esteemed rulers of Ethiala and the Pontifex of Taith Aenil stood in friendship. The beginnings of the alliance were sealed when the Arcangela met with the ruler of Ethiala, Lord Gor, and declared him celestial and forever friend of the Mark.

However, the war still continued. Eventually Larmebsi fell to our banner, and Toril was left with only Nahad and in even more turmoil then ever. Appointments were random and unsuited, and it was only just before Taith Aenil was to launch a (controversial, with even the Arcangela questioning its necessity but recognizing its need) massive campaign to take over Nahad and crush Toril was the realm of Toril struck down, its nobles bowed and armies deserted. To this day it is not exactly clear what caused this to happen, but rumours persist of a collusion between Est, last Queen of Toril, and the King of Arcaea to give away the city to Arcaea in return for their ensured survival, as well as the strong disapproval of the higher powers on such an act of selling out their own. In any case, Nahad fell into anarchy and was swiftly taken over by Taith Aenil, raising the number of regions to five, where it remains today.

From Then to Now

A campaign to Lasanar was the next major confrontation for Taith Aenil. From the view of the other realms, for a smaller realm to attempt war with the then-largest realm in the land was almost suicidal. However, through superior leadership, Taith Aenil surprised the Far East by managing to battle to and sack the very capital of Lasanar. Lasanar was bowed and more than a measure of respect shown to Taith Aenil, which had shown itself as a realm not to be taken lightly. For a time, there were occasional bad feelings but no all-out war, and we enjoyed a long period of peace. Now came nobles as Gregonus, Paladin Pergin, Count of Ornaz and Haruspex Orphen, Count of Larmebsi. The Arcangela had had her fill of war and rule and stepped down, being replaced by her old Paladin Helios, who reigns today.

Long had their been bad feeling between a man known as Senoske and the Arcangela. Often did Senoske scorn and insult the Arcangela and fight against Taith Aenil's allies. In time, Senoske had become ruler of the realm Nighthelm, and caused feud between Nighthelm and a number of realms including Taith Aenil. These realms came to create an alliance bent on destroying Nighthelm and Senoske forever. Taith Aenil was the furthest from Nighthelm, yet with wise commanders undertook the long march to the other end of the isle to make war. This war resulted in the removal of Senoske from Nighthelm, the formation of a new realm which was formed from secession from Nighthelm, and the promise that Nighthelm would no longer incite anger as it once had. Having satisfied the desire for retribution, the realms returned home victorious, and relative peace has existed since.

Until now...

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