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The Book of Swordfell

Conception Era

Conceived in the minds of a few Morekan nobles, particularly Lady Abbigal Pike, Lord Creed Avon, Former Grandmaster Garad Jhaelen Irsei, and Lord Bowie Ironsides circa 17 YD, the colony of Flowrestown, with the permission of the Morek Empire and the growing enthusiasm of new nobles, grew to become the Republic of Swordfell by 21 YD.

Within the Empire, the colonists discussed the realm together in a gathering known as the Fellish Assembly, where all of the major items of the Republic's operations were deliberated. Around 20 YD, contests for naming the government positions and the demonym of the nobility were held followed by elections for the government positions. The elected cabinet of the Fellish Republic was intended to be: Bowie Ironsides as Lord Imperator, Erevos Ektoria as Chancellor, Zarthra Cyrus as Archmarshal and Claude Onyxis as Overseer. Many prominent Morekans participated in the Assembly either with the intention of joining the colony or for financial, military, and visionary support. Supporters included Grandmaster Ingi Vlad, Ordermarshal Helm Altenahr and Duchess Eviera Lanze. The Fellish Assembly was joined by its Lurian colonists in the Summer of 21 YD as Duke Sevastian Guile brought his duchy from Luria Nova to the Empire. A vote was held to elect Balance's Retreat as the Republic's capital, and Sevastian Guile was given responsibility to secede the realm and form the Republic.

Foundation Era

Late in the Winter of 21 YD, Duke Sevastian Guile seceded from the Morek Empire to form the Republic of Swordfell. Immediately upon secession exploded what has come to be referred to as the Mud Crisis of 21 YD

The Mud Crisis of 21 YD

Entering the Spring of 21 YD, the Mud Crisis erupted centralizing around the fault line between Bowie Ironsides and Sevastian Guile. Lord Sevastian was entrusted with the duty of seceding the Province from the Empire to form the Republic. The rivalry began after Sevastian refused Bowie's request, and then order, to resign from his position to allow for the Demon of Dwilight to be elected Lord Imperator. The subsequent four days were ripe with verbal jousting and the Demon's notorious lambasting tongue. Bowie dissolved Sevastian's membership to the community and renounced him as a usurper and enemy of the Republic. Sevastian accused him of impatience and even forged letters to incriminate Bowie in two heinous but invented plots. Throughout, many vulgar ridicules were launched by Bowie against Sevastian. Chancellor Erevos resigned and departed the Republic in disgust of the feud and Chancellor Maxter was elected by referendum. The Fellish disapproved of Bowie's behaviour to the point of voting against him in the later election on the grounds of misconduct. In accordance with public opinion on the feud, the Republic allowed Sevastian his way on the condition that he resign after transferring the capital from Flowrestown to Balance's Retreat. On the fifth day, after transferring the capital, Sevastian decided he was not going to resign after all and with swift action announced himself the Princep of his new Imperial Republic. Thus began the tyranny of Sevastian which lasted roughly two days. By the seventh day of Swordfell, a majority of Fellish nobles denounced Sevastian in public. The Crisis resolved as Sevastian's tyranny was ousted due to public protesting. Sevastian was fined two hundred gold by Chancellor Maxter Perkeleet. Carrying over from Sevastian's tyranny, the rulership election was open to Lords of the realm only, making the election unrepresentative of the Republic. Nevertheless, Bowie conceded defeat to his long time friend and co-founder Abbigal Pike, who became the first Lady Imperatrice of Swordfell.

Exile of the Tyrant

Late in the Spring of 21 YD, after a conspiracy was exposed to overthrow the Lady Imperatrice and install a Monarchy, the incriminated ringleader Sevastian Guile was exiled! The first week of exile saw public debate from Sevastian and his camp against the government and its "unwritten laws". It also saw a rogue infiltrator ply his trade against two of the Republic's own noblemen, Sir Creed Avon and Lord Elroth Gothicus. Sir Skiarxon Guldan claimed to have attacked Sir Creed to claim the large bounty on his head. The reason for his assault on Lord Elroth remained unexplained. At the turn of the season to Summer and entering the new year of 22 YD, Chancellor Maxter banned Sir Skiarxon from the Republic. At the end of the Summer, a plot organized by Sir Creed Avon to invite the armies of the Farronite Republic and Asylon to remove Sevastian was stymied by the Church of Astromancy. The Church accused Swordfell of persecuting the tyrant for his faith. Swordfell entered the Autumn still in crisis. In the middle of the Autumn, amidst elections, Lady Imperatrice Abbigal initiated the victorious referendum that sanctioned the Fellish Code of Nobiliy. At the end of the Autumn, the Lady Imperatrice fell ill while attending Church and remained unresponsive to any attempt to improve her condition. She rests with the apothecaries of Flowrestown in a catatonic state. Lord Bowie Ironsides replaced Lady Abbigal by election in the Winter of 22 YD.

100 Days of Swordfell

By the 100th day of Swordfell, the exile on Sevastian was lifted due to ineffectiveness, a great deal of new articles were installed into the Constitution, and the Republic fluxed up and down with incoming and outgoing nobles. To celebrate the 100th day of Swordfell, the Fellish had a parade down the boulevard of Flowrestown. Swordfell entered 23 YD fledgling but burgeoning.

Fracture Period

Early in the Summer of 23 YD, perhaps a week after the 100th Day Parade, the tyrant Sevastian Guile succumbed to a lung infection and died. On his death, he forced the Duchy of Sol, Swordfell's capital Balance's Retreat and the North Divide, to switch allegiance to Luria Nova. Queen Alice and the Lurians assured Swordfell the regions would be returned to them, but after an unspecified amount of time. Queen Alice Arundel was preoccupied with the death duel against former Grand Duke Skyndarbau Melphrydd of Fissoa, which the Fellish wasted no time gambling on. After Queen Alice won the duel, the winning nobles put together a thank you card.

Restoration Period

At the end of the Summer, Luria Nova returned Balance's Retreat and North Divide to the Republic, who gave thanks and joy! A referendum was held to award the duchy to Bowie Ironsides, who announced that he would not campaign for a second term as Lord Imperator. Before Bowie could install himself as Duke and Margrave of the stronghold, unchecked farf mischief obstructed him from re-forming the duchy of Sol. Thus began the Restoration Period, where the duchy of Sol was restored as an entity in the Divide Mountains, where the Five-Season Plan was pursued, and where the Republic continues to stand on its own, proud and glorious, as a power of Central Toprak and ultimately all of Dwilight.

In the election of the Autumn of 23 YD, Lord Silas Kain was elected Lord Imperator of the Republic of Swordfell. War loomed in the neighbourhood of Swordfell which prompted debate in the Fellish Assembly as to whether Swordfell would participate in war or remain neutral. The minds of the Assembly divided into two schools of thought, the Swords (pro-war) and the Sheaths (pro-neutral). Each believed their camp argued in the Republic's best interest. After about a week of debate, the Assembly brought the matter to the public (who are the executive decision makers). In a referendum in the Winter of 23 YD on Swordfell going to war or not, the Sheaths won a tight majority (4 'Yay, '5 'Nay'). Until the next referendum, the policy of the Sheaths is in effect; the Republic of Swordfell remains a neutral realm. During war between the Lurian Empire and D'Hara, around mid Autumn of 24 YD, the barren region of the Desert of Silhouettes changed allegiance by its own free will to that of the Republic of Swordfell. Due to the stress of war, D'Hara did not demand the return of the territory and so the Fellish nobility steward in their place.

In the Summer election of 25 YD, Lord Elroth Gothicus was elected as the Lord Imperator of the Republic of Swordfell. Rogue attacks by undead and wild beasts continued to be an incessant nuisance for the realm, prompting the implementation of the "Lance System", a peacetime division of labor amongst the army for the purpose of defense from rogue attacks. This system was the product of the mind of Overseer The Silent Ishida, and was implemented by the Archmarshal Deorwulf Barras.

In the Winter election of 25 YD, Claude Onyxis was elected as the Lord Imperator of the Republic of Swordfell by a narrow margin of one vote over the incumbent Lord Imperator. Following the disappearance of Duke Bowie Ironsides, Claude initiated a referendum to decide who should replace him as the Duke of Sol. In the end, Lord Silas Kain won the referendum by a narrow margin of one vote, and was named the Duke of Sol by the Lord Imperator. The following Spring, Duke Silas proposed that given the increased production of the duchies of the realm, it would be prudent to lower the realm share of taxes from 50% to 15%, so as to better allow the Dukes to construct and maintain infrastructure and fortifications. This idea was greeted with much agreement, and Lord Imperator Claude made the suggested change.


  • Battle in Springdale 2016-02-18 : Thomas Kenwood, King of Antiqualia, Royal of Antiqualia, Duke of Old Libero was wounded by Leonid Castillo, a young swordfell noble.
  • Swordfell/2 battles of Elntorak 2016-07-14 1/2 : Use of they shall not pass formation as decided by marshal and duke Crixus Domitius. John Dodger Chancellor of Westfold wounded by Squall Soulja. Rossgyr Shulee, King of Westfold wounded by John Blair.
  • Swordfell/2 battles of Elntorak 2016-07-15 2/2 : Usage of fortification defense, ordered by archmarshal Leonid Castillo. Draco Dogsbody, Khalkar Magistrate of Westfold wounded by Razo Carmel.
  • Battle in Elntorak 2016-08-07 : Formations from Archmarshal Druezar. Rossgyr Shulee, King of Westfold wounded by Garimberto Mercator, Imperator of swordfell. Jonn Dodger, Khalkar Warleader, Chancellor of the Exchequer of Westfold wounded by vice-marshal Leonid Castillo.