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Creation of Svunnetland

Svunnetland should not be confused with the Svunnetland Empire, the Empire was a completely different entity and government. Svunnetland is an offshoot of the defunct Svunnetland Empire. This happened Caesar Einar Eiryn recreated Monarchy from the corrupted totalitarianist republic of Empire gave each Duke and Duchess title of King and Queen of their own duchy making a commonwealth designed to desolve. Einar returned to the land that started it from and did forsake Masahakon as the center of corruption and made his new, and well planned capital in Ipsosez to herald the return of Svunnetland to its roots and abandon the Osaliel Empires ideals of a corruptive republic model.


Over time, Svunnetland has been given the nickname, "Anchorland". This is well known name for Svunnetland mainly through the southeast part of the island, in realms such as, The Sanctum of Casshern, Antoza Commonwealth and Nighthelm. Even today Svunnetland cannot get rid of the annoying nickname. This nickname has been placed because of Svunnetland's anchor shaped emblem.