Strong Shield Against Fire

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Type Shield
Discovered By Fafhrd Martius
Discovery Date July 6 2007
Discovery Location Doatnu, Beluaterra
Abilities (unknown)
Current Owner (unknown)

It was a cold, windy day in Doatnu, on Beluaterra. Fafhrd the adventurer, of the Martius Family, had received a message that there was a group of monsters in the region, and went on a hunt for them. The sun was beginning to set, and he was beginning to think more of shelter and a meal than monsters and a chance for some loot. Then, peering into a dark cavern, he saw movement inside - the monsters he was seeking.

With only an ancient, tarnished sword, a blazing torch, and a brave heart, he charged headlong into the fray. His blows rang true, and most of the monsters lay dead at his feet. Some of the monsters fled, driven to panic by the carnage he was wreaking upon them. The largest monster, leader of the group, stayed to fight, and destroy this puny human who had devastated his pack. The battle raged for hours until at last, he too lay dead at Fafhrd's feet. Searching the cave, Fafhrd came across various odds and ends, worth a few meals and perhaps a night's sleep in a bed. Tonight, though, he would have to make do in the cave.

He kindled a fire, and was starting to make his supper.Then in the furthest recesses of the cave, the glint of firelight on metal caught his eye. It was a shield, made of some unknown metals. From the dust around it, it appeared to have lain there for untold ages, but it was as bright and polished as if it had been cleaned that day. He lifted it and fitted it on his arm. Wonderfully light, it still managed to cover him from brow to foot. He was carrying it back to his fire when he stumbled on an unseen rock, and fell directly toward the fire. Instinctively, he twisted so that the shield came between him and the flames. As it touched the flames, the shield suddenly began glowing from the heat. Fafhrd quickly pulled the shield from the fire before it could be damaged, but though it was glowing as though the heat of the fire had become light, the metal remained cool to the touch!

Once, Fafhrd had heard stories of such a shield, created by an ancient sage for a knight to destroy a dragon. Like many such stories, the hero and his magical shield had faded into the mists of time, becoming only legends told to pass long winter nights. But now, this legend had become a reality again. He had found the Strong Shield Against Fire.