Springdale (Realm)/Pre-founding

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Slowly, the nobles in the northeast are discovering the history of the area.

(OOC: These are merely roleplayed and have not existed prior to the creation of Dwilight or Springdale in gameplay)

Nifel Kingdom

To the north there was a highly militaristic realm called the Nifel Kingdom. It encompassed the duchies of Valkyrja, Nifelheim, Nifelhold, and Storms Keep. Nifelheim was the capital, and the other three were a combination of mighty fortresses and lighthouses. It had never been encroached against beyond their fortresses. Charles De La Fere told the story of how Risad Bishamon was overthrown by rebels.

Old Springdale

Springdale was a city-state consisting of Springdale and a few other regions. They were allied to Virovene and often fought the Nifel Kingdom. They often switched ownership of White Plains with Nifel Kingdom. Many battles took place in White Plains and it was considered both a killing field and a sacred burial of the dead by the three realms. Charles De La Fere mentioned that the Fallans ruled this land but were destroyed or disappeared.

Old Virovene

Muspelheim was the capital of another kingdom that included Mimer, Freke, and Aegir, and at times Libbi Island. Eventually the capital was moved to Mimer. Mimer, Freke, and Aegir were wealthy trading ports. It had a religion that was very similar to Sanguis Astroism, which was dedicated to the Bloodstars.

Virovene was destroyed by inhuman powers allied with certain human realms. The ruler and court fled the island when the enemy, six times as powerful as they, burned the majority of the kingdom. They escaped from the port of Mimer. The enemy's ships followed them and Virovene's ships were destroyed in a battle. The ruler escaped on a small boat that was eventually destroyed by a storm. Apparently this ruler resides in Minas Ithil now and Duke Cato of Muspelheim is his son. Charles De La Fere was able to return to Muspelheim, where he eventually died.

The Contemporary Virovene was reformed under the leadership of Kaiser Cato as the theocracy of Virovene under Sanguis Astroism.