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Kazuma Shenron
Status: Alive
Class Knight
Realm/Island: Greater Aenilia, Far East
Title: King and Arch Priest of the Sanctum of Casshern
Former realms: N/A
Former titles: Banker of Greater Aenilia
Earl of Larmebsi
Arch-Priest of Sanctum of Casshern
Banker of Sanctum of Casshern
Marshal of the Aenilian Army
Marshal of the Legion 1 Ornaz
Marshal of the Aenilian Army
Alignment: Good
Clan: Shenron

Shenron Emblem Icon.pngKazuma, The Lonesome WarriorShenron Emblem Icon.png

Kazuma Shenron, a man with happiness throughout his whole life and still today he lives happily in the peaceful kingdom of Greater Aenilia. When Kazuma first joined Greater Aenilia he didn't know what to expect his only guidance was his mothers words and his brothers had already left to their different islands. He had been told things by his father and stories from his brothers and relatives but the reality was he was very new.

When he joined Aenilia, he was child-ish and didn't take things very seriously. His skills were undeveloped and he just the typical new young one in a realm. When Kazuma was greeted by one of the lords named Tharion and invited to dine, he accepted with great enthusiasm. Enthusiasm was Kazuma's greatest gift and when he met lord Tharion. Tharion could see it emanating from Kazuma. Kazuma offered an oath to Tharion and he was glad to accept. This was follows by many meetings and dining. From there they were able to start building a friendship that would be for years to come.

In the times of peace, Kazuma, still at young age. Was greeted by his brother. Who was a refugee from another realm. Kazuma didn't know Mitsuhide very well because Mitsuhide always seemed to change his personality even around his own family and Kazuma had little trust for him. Mitsuhide at the time had much more experience than Kazuma and found it amusing how little Kazuma knew. The only good luck Kazuma had from their meeting was Mitsuhide reminded him it was Shenron tradition to forge your own sword. With the reminder in his head Kazuma trained for months on his skills of forgery until Mitsuhide said he was good enough. Kazuma on that fateful day, have birth to the awesome Ryozouji.

Ryozouji, the Pride of Kazuma.

Kazuma's peaceful life changed then when Colasan seceded from Lasanar and he was forced into war. Although he had fought, he had never been in an open battle. For Kazuma these were to be his first proper battles and he was very excited. Although he had grown used to the noble life. War was still a new thing to him. Fortunately Kazuma was not hit from the reality of war like most are. Because of his heritage Kazuma loved how he could display his honourable traits on the battlefield. During the Colasan wars, Kazuma found he was a very liked person and made friends all throughout Lasanar and Ethiala. After the Colasan wars finally came to an end, Kazuma left the battles with a bright smile on his face. Kazuma had finally had some good experience and he was proud.

A short while after the wars had apparently ended. Another war broke lose when the Grand Lodge of Lunaria tried to destroy Soliferum This set all the allies of the two realms lose across the continent and chaos reigned everywhere. Greater Aenilia was subjected to long tedious marches, back and forth, from north to south. In these wars he always made some good friends, such as Jonathon, Arch Priest of Zonasa. These wars put Kazuma's new marshal position to the test and he was finally able to have some experience in commanding battles.

One of the marches back Lord Luyten decided to fill the council positions of the church. Kazuma was made Chamberlain of the Magna Aenilia Ecclesia. Kazuma's long long service to the church had paid off and he was now in the council. Kazuma always makes sure he is doing a good job to make sure he sets a good example and keeps the standard of Greater Aenilia high and Kazuma always take pride in his realm and the church.

During Kazuma's time in Greater Aenilia he started to become more wise and decided to become a mentor. With this he also wrote many books. With his fairly new skills he is now writing his first newspaper, The Aenilian Times. With this newspaper he was able to show off his literate based skills and all his abilities that weren't to do with fighting.

In one of the marches out from Greater Aenilia. Kazuma was able to command 9 battles in a row and became one of the more experienced marshals in the Far East. This skill was put to the test when he was ordered to charge into Gul'Dan's counting army. This ended Gul'Dan's life. An event Kazuma views with a great amount of pride.

The Warhorse of Kazuma
Sunzaburo, The Golden Sword of Kazuma

On the way back from one of the battles in the great war. Kazuma was greeted by a Shenron servant, the servant was from his sister, Nami, she had given him a huge warhorse. Kazuma named the horse Kagekatsu.

The horse that his sister claimed to be wild and rough, Kazuma managed to break it and the horse started to like him. After a while, Kazuma, was the only person that the horse permitted to ride it and it fact this horse was the only horse that was able to carry Kazuma without and problems. Kagekatsu is roughly ten feet and when he needs to be, he's tough as nails.

Kazuma is still learning the ways of the horse and always will be. The note that came with Kegakatsu from Nami, Kazuma always keeps and the horse always reminds him of his sister that he thought he has lost so long ago.

Along with the horse, came a golden sword. Nami's letter told him that is was called Sunzaburo and it was Kojiro's second blade. Kazuma was startled because he didn't know which weapon to choose. Sunzaburo, by doing this he would abandon the Shenron tradition by abanding his old polearm. Ryozouji, this would be safest however he would waste such a good sword and along with it, his fathers honour. Kazuma then realized he could just use both. The Shenron traditions state he can't get rid the weapon he forged but they never said it couldn't be accompanied so Kazuma kept the sword and made sure he ajusted his training to using a polearm and a sword t the same time. quite confusing really.

After Nighthelm has surrendered. Greater Aenilia turned it's head to Antoza to aid Lasanar in the capture of Anacan. On these marches, Kazuma began to speak with Trunks, King of Sanctum of Casshern. Kazuma was aware that this man was only on his throne because all the experienced people has left the Sanctum, knowing that it would soon fall. So Kazuma decided to advise the young King. Slowly and slowly Kazuma realized he could manipulate the King and make the young King do whatever Kazuma wanted. Kazuma started to plot for a Duke position. He started to throw in tips that his current duke was giving the realm a bad image and in order to have a strong realm, one needed a wise duke. Although the move was unlike the usual simple Kazuma and showed more of his devious side, it worked. Trunks invited him to the Sanctum of Casshern to reign as the Duke of Palnasos.

However timing couldn't have been worse. As just when the message arrived of the offer. King Orphen appointed Kazuma as Royal Treasurer of Greater Aenilia. This made Kazuma's departure very painful. As he had just recieved something he had worked for his whole life and then had to move on before he could enjoy it. The realm was greatly surprised when they heard the news but Kazuma knew it was best for his career to leave. When he arrived in the realm he was given the position to sit around in for a few days. Before he had really settled down, he had been informed that the Arch-Priest of the Sanctum of Casshern had turned tail and abandonned the realm. Kazuma then sat back. He knew he wouldn't need to campaign for the position. Because if there was one thing Kazuma could do very well. It was to make a good impression on people. The people of the Sanctum, after a few days, already looked to Kazuma as their leader, not the King. Kazuma made sure the King didn't find this suspicious and gave him some "info" about how people usually looked to the Duke as the leader not the king and it was a normal phenomenon.

Kazuma, as he had anticipated. Was elected as Arch Priest of the Sanctum. He reigned for quite a while when he realized one morning, when drinking some of his finest wine, "Mad Caerid", imported from Greater Aenilia, that the realm was going nowhere under King Trunks. He began to try and think of a way to remove Trunks of the throne, non-violently. As violently taking the throne would cause more harm to the realm than good. Kazuma figure that if he got Trunks off the throne, he would surely be elected by the people. Just as Kazuma was about to kick in his plan to remove Trunks, things happened like magic. Trunks stepped down by himself, and Kazuma wa spared the trouble. Next day he was elected King and all was merry.

For a while Kazuma was forced to juggle many positions of the realm until he could finally get the government stable. Kazuma didn't have long to enjoy a stable government as later on, he fell ill. After a few days of recovery he woke. To find Fakhir, now somehow Arch Priest, had banned Trunks and his sister and various other nobles for reasons such as Treason, Corruption and Offense to realm officials. Kazuma then witnessed, first hand, Fakhir dueling nearly everyone he had banned. This got Fakhir nearly killed several bur miraculously he survived the encounters. Kazuma had found the events very bizarre but because of diplomatic works. He was was forced to ignore them.


Kazuma is a large man of 7 feet and he uses a long polearm or a halberd he calls "Ryozouji". Kazuma unlike how his brothers had developed was exactly the type of man his father wanted of him. He is bent on honour and that is his strict code. Although he admits sometimes honour must be sacrificed sometimes unlike all his brothers excluding Nobukage he is bent on honour. The difference between him and Nobukage is that Nobukage was crazy!! Kazuma can debate and think but he prefers to show of the sharp side of Ryozouji to his enemies.

Personility Traits

  • Honourable, Kazuma's honour plays a great role in his life and he happily breaks laws to duel people.
  • Friendly, Kazuma loves friends. He loves being around people and being social.
  • Care-Free, Kazuma doesn't really like heavy responsibility and likes taking his life easy.

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