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Important information written down by a scribe so it can be copied and sent to others in a message. Whenever a scribe writes down information, you will find a notice about this at the bottom of the page, including a line that looks like this:

Scout Report (Brahe): [Scribe:123456|f7ec0e11a0595ad5]

Copying that text (being sure to include the brackets!) will result in the recipient of your message receiving a copy of the scribe note. Only the bracketed text is strictly necessary, it is good form to include some explanation of what the link is. A great way to make your scout reports more useful is simply to read them, and make a short note of what it contains:

Scout Report (Brahe): [Scribe:123456|f7ec0e11a0595ad5] (About 600 enemy 
infantry, and lots of archers.  Nobody is moving.)

All scribe notes are also kept for you to come back to and re-read later on. You can find your own scribe notes as well as copies of all scribe notes that you received and actually looked at (apart from battle reports) on the Information page. (Scribe notes that you receive but never look at are discarded by your scribe as unimportant.)