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House Scarlett Coat of Arms
Motto: Fac fortia et patere.
(Do brave deeds and endure.)

The House of Scarlett now maintains its home in the peaceful, grand city of Topenah in the Far East. While the Scarletts are ancestral Perdanites (from the East Continent) about as far back as they care to remember, they moved to the Far East after becoming disillusioned by the constant warfare in the East Continent.

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Family Members

Ethiala-icon.png Septimus the White, Archduke of Ethiala (Deceased)

Titles Held: (* current)

  • Count of Larmebsi
  • Duke of Lasop
  • Baron of Arempos
  • High Marshal of Ethiala
  • Archduke of Ethiala

Septimus started his career in Perdan on the East Island, 2006-04-12.

The warlike Septimus eschewed going abroad for an education and took up arms as soon as he was able in service of his liege, the Duke of Aix, on behalf of Perdan.

Septimus' political views were largely unknown, as he used to spend almost all of his time on the battlefield. In the time served Perdan, he fought dozens of battles under its banner. Although a loyal comrade on the field, he eschews the Blood Eagles competition in which many of his peers track their kills and performance in each battle.

During the civil unrest towards the later part of Perdan's Great War, Septimus was disillusioned by the anti-Royalist sentiments that arose during treaty negotiations. Fearing for his family's well-being in Aix, he hung up his sword and set sail for the Far East. Not wanting to abandon Perdan entirely, he wrote to his cousin, Lucius, who departed Lasanar to take Septimus' place on Perdan's front lines.

Septimus served briefly as the Marshal of Colasan in Lasanar before departing for a more familiar hierarchy. He served for a time in Ethiala as a Senator and Count of Larmebsi, returned to Lasanar as Prime Minister Kestrelle's personal knight, and then returned to the Ethialan crown as the Duke of Lasop. After the abdication of King Osric, he succeeded a brief rule by the Duchess Kitiara of Talex and was crowned King.

Over the years, Septimus' military edge has faded somewhat in favor of a (somewhat) more diplomatic one, though he is famously intolerant for the sorts of intrigues and schemes favored by his cousin, Galiard. Forthright and chivalrous, Septimus has a tendency to be a towering, if polarizing presence -- while not uncompromising, he is not one to be quiet on a controversial issue.

Septimus was killed defending Lantzas from an invasion by Lasanar on 2008-03-10.

Cathay-icon.png Galiard the Gray, King and Founder of Cathay, Duke of the Golden Mountain

Galiard's Tale as written in the Royal Library in Anacan and the Monastic Archive of the Osai, to a young knight some seventy years into Galiard's life.

Titles Held (* current)

  • King of Cathay*
  • Duke of the Golden Mountain*
  • Margrave of Haul*
  • Prime Minister of Ohnar West
  • Baron of Semon
  • Duke of Ossaet
  • Minister of Finances of Lasanar
  • Grand Justiciar of Lasanar
  • Minister of Defense of Lasanar
  • Prime Minister of Lasanar
  • Duke of Anacan

Galiard started his carrer in Lasanar in the Far East on 2006-04-14.

Galiard Scarlett, though not the oldest, is the undisputed head of the house. Bookish, thoughtful, and reserved, he surprised many (particularly his cousin Septimus) when he eschewed a bureaucratic life in favor of a soldier's. Unlike either his cousins Lucius and Septimus, however, Galiard rarely relishes a fight for any reason.

Early on in his service to Lasanar, he was dispatched by the Prime Minister Milan Von Krondor as a Lasanarian emissary to a newly-formed colony in the city of Palnasos, meant to be ruled jointly by emissaries from four major realms. When the colony collapsed and a monarchy took its place, Galiard upheld his initial oath to Lasanar and returned to his homeland. As a reward for his service, he was created Baron of Semon. He took part in the wars against Svunnetland and Arcaea as Baron Semon, serving under the Minister of Defense Doyle Drake.

He was later appointed Minister of Finances by Milan, an unexpected responsibility for which he considered himself woefully unprepared. One of Galiard's first actions on the council was his role in the investigation of the Duchess Menelmereth of Colasan and the possibility that she was usurping the sovereign power of the Lasanar Council by acting on behalf of the realm without its backing. Galiard's participation was a subject of some controversy, as he was an outspoken political opponent of the Duchess. The truth of the charges brought against the Duchess was never discovered at trial; she seceded as soon as she was charged.

During the War of Secession, Prime Minister Milan von Krondor stepped down, and Galiard threw his own weight behind his friend Aethius Kain as the next Prime Minister. Aethius was elected to succeed Milan, and Galiard elected to succeed Aethius, making Galiard the Grand Justiciar of Lasanar only days before both Menelmereth and one of her knights were captured on the battlefield. After much deliberation internally, with the council, and even with other judges of the Far East, Galiard ordered Menelmereth executed, and her knight, Zandarth, deported to the Colonies.

Galiard's subsequent orders for the executions of Rekoi, ruler of the Ardh Osai secessionist realm, and Dyre, the former Lasanarian winner of many popularity contests, has won him the nickname 'Galiard the Bloody' in some corners of the land, though rarely is anyone brave (or stupid) enough to call him that to his face.

Some months after the successful resolution of the Treason of Colasan, Galiard was appointed Duke of Ossaet.

Reign as Grand Justiciar

Galiard served five successive terms as Lasanar's Grand Justiciar before retiring to concentrate on his duties as Duke of Ossaet. As Grand Justiciar, he was the primary author of the Constitution of the Feudal Republic of Lasanar, which was passed into law during his final term. He earned a reputation as a generally fair, if somewhat harsh Judge, enforcing rules of civility and ferreting out over a half-dozen traitors during his tenure. Alternatively both a vocal ally and critic of Prime Minister Kestrelle Hawkestone, Galiard was a highly visible and verbose politician.

Patron of Scholarship

Along with the Baron Dengat Solari of Abilotiel, Galiard sponsored the restoration of the ancient Monastic Academy of the Osaido, a fellowship devoted to the study of subjects ranging from philosophy and the duty of the nobility to military strategy.

Patron of the Church

Originally a follower of Adgharism ("The Way"), Galiard grew dissatisfied with the Church after Galiard's subjects remained primarily dedicated to Communionism and the Church could not afford the time or resources to send the requisite number of priests to change things. After a political imbroglio involving Adghar's high priest and another Duke of Lasanar, Galiard withdrew from The Way and pledged his support and service to the Magna Aenilia Ecclasia.

Minister of Defense and the Antozan War

When former Minister of Defense and Duke Vulpes de Zorro fell gravely ill, Galiard was appointed by the Grand Council as his replacement. He led the armies of Lasanar during the Antozan War, and through his efforts, the largest army in the history of the Far East was raised to march on the city of Anacan.

Prime Minister

During the latter part of the Antozan war, Prime Minister Kestrelle Hawkestone was incapacitated by an assassin. Galiard was elected as Lasanar's Prime Minister, a position he held for a single term before abdicating to establish the Kingdom of Cathay.


At the successful conclusion of the Antozan war, Galiard was selected to lead the new realm of Cathay. He surrendered his titles and responsibilities in Lasanar and became the first King of Cathay.

Shortly after the founding of Cathay, Galiard abruptly retired to the Monastery of the Osaido back in Ossaet, where he married Sabrina Tsunetomo and remained for some time in peaceful isolation. He eventually returned to Cathay, where he was appointed as the Duke of Anacan and was once again a thorn in the side of Far East politics until King Ranulf was overthrown in a quick and near-bloodless revolt and Galiard elected to succeed him. After a short reign, he retired to a manor in Lemanaziel, where he remained for the next decade.

Galiard's Twilight, Departure from Cathay, and Return to the Republic

Near the latter part of his fifth decade, Galiard again returned to active service, having raised two more children (Baldwin and Severus) mercifully uninterrupted by politics and wars. He returned to Cathay to find a young knight from his earlier days, James Harker, ruling as King. Though Galiard and King James got on quite well by all accounts, Galiard abruptly departed Cathay after only a few months to return to his original home in Ossaet in what was now The Republic of Ohnar West, where he was re-united with several old colleagues and acquaintances from his youth and elected Prime Minister a short time later.

Toupellon and the Re-birth of Cathay

After a time, much of Ohnar became the Kingdom of Toupellon under King Claude Fisternis, whom Galiard served as High Justice. When Toupellon collapsed after the secession of Duke Caspius of Ozrat, Galiard re-founded Cathay in Anacan and became its first (and fifth) and King.

Lucius the Prophet

Titles Held (* current)

  • Founder of the Sacred Church of Sartan

Baron of Sasat

Baron of the Empire

Lucius Scarlett served the majority of his many decades as a fighting noble of the Arcaean Empire, dispatched there on the advice of his cousin Galiard after Jenred Bedwyr re-forged the Kingdom of Arcaea with the support of Orphen of Aenilia and Galiard himself.

The roll of Lucius' deeds consists almost entirely of a history of battles and wars of the Far East. Although he served for brief, usually interim periods as an officer of the Arcaean Crown in formal matters, for most of his career his authority extended only to his own soldiers or to the Royal Legion, in which he served for some years as Marshal.

Founder of the Sacred Church of Sartan

Toward the later part of his later, Lucius split from his long-time membership of the Church of Sartan to establish the The Sacred Church of Sartan.

Melodia.png Quintus the Black

Titles Held (* current)

  • Duke of Chateau Saffalore
  • Governor of Chateau Saffalore

Consul of Melodia General of Melodia Baron of Lawataling

Knight of Madina and Melodia

The eldest son of King Galiard of Cathay and Queen Sabrina Tsunetomo, Quintus was raised in his father's household, first in Lasanar and then in Cathay. Upon reaching maturity, he immediately set out for Dwilight, following his family's tradition of serving abroad to gain experience before taking a place of prominence within his own house. With no ambition to speak of, Quintus arrived in Madina to make a name for himself and little else.

He signed on with then-Lord Admiral Albert de Blanc of Madina, who was arranging an expedition to faraway Paisly. House Scarlett and House de Blanc were at that time close, due largely to the friendship between the (soon-to-be-deceased) Septimus Scarlett and the (soon-to-be-King of Kamador) Dieter de Blanc.

After Melodia was established, Quintus was appointed as its first General, where he met Hireshmont II Vellos, Melodia's first Royal Justice. The two got on well enough, but quickly ran afoul of their new Monarch, who demanded more rigid obedience than either man was willing to provide. After a short time serving once again as a regular Knight of Melodia, Quintus organized a revolt.

Ruler of Melodia

Quintus had drawn upon the coffers of the House of Scarlett, and even though most of Melodia's nobles were largely dis-interested in the rebellion, enough came to his banner that their troops outmatched the Monarch and his loyalists. The palace was seized, and overnight, Quintus was catapulted from obscurity to ruling the Western Republic of Melodia. Not too long after that, a ship carrying him to Paisly sank, and he spent the next decade semi-conscious in a nunnery. When he recovered, he returned to the Republic of Madina, Melodia having long since collapsed under the weight of external invasion and few resources with which to fight them. He was appointed Baron of Lawataling by the Duke of Madina but soon left for the Grand Duchy of Fissoa, where he served as a knight for a time before his retirement.


The House of Scarlett achieved considerable fame and wealth before their retirement, but enough time passed between their departure and return such that they have been re-establishing their reputation almost entirely from scratch.

The only other rather arcane claim to fame held by the House of Scarlet is that nobody in the entire family has ever been banned.


FB General.png
Septimus: Ethiala
FB Duke.png
Galiard: Anacan / Cathay
FB Lord.png
Septimus: Arempos / Ethiala
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 0th Day
Septimus: Ethiala
FB Ruler.png
Ruler: 10th Day
Septimus: Ethiala
Sum: 9 points

FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 10
FB Prestige.png
Prestige: 20
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 5000
Sum: 6 points

FB Army Sponsor.png
Army Sponsor
Galiard: Company of the Golden Lion
FB Investment.png
Family Investment
Galiard: Anacan
FB Guild & Religion.png
New Guild & Religion
Sum: 4 points

FB Heroic Death.png
Heroic Death
Septimus: Killed in Ethiala
Sum: 1 point

FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
Sum: At least 1 point

Sum: 1 point

Total: 22 points