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Region Details
Continent located on::Far East
Region Type is regiontype::City
Geographic Area Northern Plains
Population population::9514
Economy Fishing, Administration
Realm part of::(rogue)

City of Sasrhas

The City of Sasrhas is an important City and Port in the Northwest of the Far East Continent. From humble beginnings as a manor house built on the site of a fishing village, the City of Sasrhas has developed until it is among the most beautiful in the Far East, with wide clean streets and delicate houses of Wood and Stone. The city has been attacked many times and boasts formidable walls.

Summer Solstice

Every year on the Summer Solstice, the entire city celebrates the Midsummer Festival where celebrations continue throughout the longest day of the year. As The Far East's northernmost city, Sasrhas boasts the most daylight hours on the Summer Solstice. The city is decorated with brilliant scarlet and gold banners, the streets are filled with exotic merchants and entertainers from every corner of the realm, and Sasrhas is host to many guests who come for the festivities. At nightfall, the Duke or Duchess of Sasrhas holds the Midsummer Feast and a great bonfire is lit on the highest hillside cliffs overlooking the northern sea.

History of Sasrhas

Lasanar Period

  • Civilisation was first brought to this rough backwater by the expansion of Lasanar. Sasrhas's first Duke was Galahad Arthur, but unfortunately he had to leave on an extended trip and thus abandoned the duchy.
  • After serving as Countess of Anaos and Marshal of the army of Ozrat, Kestrelle Hawkestone was appointed the Duchess of Sasrhas. She is famous for introducing the Rhombrian Cigar to the Grand Council of Lasanar. She left the post after she was voted in as Prime Minister of Lasanar.
  • Iceberg Slim became the next Duke. His rule was marked by an expansion of the Sashrasian... (Sashrasite?) Brothel trade, and his men personally helped to spread the legend. With the visitation of the prophet, Elerik Taim, the Duke turned to the teachings of Adghar. The High Priestess Ryeena Burson consecrated a great temple to Adghar in the city, crafted of the same mighty stones that composed the towering walls of the city's fortifications. Some visitors have said that the view from the highest tower towards the sunset on a clear day is the farthest any man can see.

Ohnar West Period

  • Two days after Esorp Motab declared the duchy of Akanos as the realm of Ohnar, Sasrhas was declared as the capitol of the realm of Ohnar West. Iceberg Slim remained the Duke of the duchy of Sasrhas until the death of one of his close relatives.
  • Louis Lious. Became the next the duke of Sasrhas.
  • After this, the histories become slightly confused, with the list of Dukes being Lost. Certainly there was a war where Ohnar West fought as allies of Arcaea against the small realm of Arcachon on the Dark Isle. The alliance was victorious and completely destroyed Arcachon, but during those anarchic times the realm of Ohnar West was sundered with the south declaring independence and eventually becoming the Sartanite Kingdom of Sorraine. The north remained Ohnar West but was colonised by Adgharian Lords fleeing as refugees from destroyed Arcachon.

Ohnar West (Dragon Knights / Taikunate) Period

  • With the defeat of Adgharinism in Arcachon, the refugees and believers in Ohnar West lost faith in their old religion, and what emerged in Ohnar West was the birth of a new faith. This was a warrior code known as the Way of the Dragon, and its adherents were known as Dragon Knights. The realm was renamed as the Taikunate of Ohnar West, with the ruler known as the Taikun (Great Leader).
  • Under the Way, Minks Rhentory was appointed as Duke of Sasrhas and ruled for a long time. During his stewardship of the city, Ohnar West fought a war against the Arcaean Empire and lost, was forced to surrender. Many of the Dragon Knight fled to fight on with their allied realm of Kindara. The realm of Ohnar West was obliged to join the Arcaean Empire.
  • Eventually Minks Rhentory lost the duchy due to inactivity, and when this happened, Ingal Altenahr, the Taikun (Ruler) of Ohnar West appointed himself as the next Duke of the City.