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Sartania was a theocracy, its premier deity was Sartan - The God of Honourable Warfare (often shortened to "God of War). As long as Wars plague our lands - Sartans protective hands rested over us. However in times of peace - we kept Sartan's mind preoccupied with gruesome arena fights, sacrifices and month-long festivities in our capital Niel.

Sartania was eventually destroyed by her enemies but has been reborn in NeoSartania.

This Old banner was made by Sir Sito. Jannes made a new one, a Coat of Arms that reminds Sartania about their great Victory against Arcaea. It fluttered atop each government building in Sartania.

The Church of Sartan

- The God of Honourable Warfare and Battle

Ours is derived from a more established religion and finds its roots in the East Island, The Church of Ibladesh. We however deify only one from the plethora of gods that they do - Sartan, the God of War and Battle.

Very little is known or was written about Sartan in the holy texts/scriptures but, from the little that we know is that - Sartan was a warrior, a mortal but his adherence to a rigorous moral code of battle and honor earned him respect and eventually a place among the gods.

It's believed that Sartan arose from the ashes in the battle of Nem-e-kabu where he was slain, his rising changed the tide of war and since then a band of warriors have followed his morale code.

But, according to some, Sartan has been cast down from his Throne of Battle, and replaced by his younger brother (who had been a demigod), Qyrvagg, the New Lord of War and Battles. According to Sartanian officials, this belief is heresy, punishable by exile from Sartania, and stripping of titles.

Sartan's Code Of Conduct

We as followers of Sartan - strictly adhere to the morale code of conduct.

History Of Sartania

For an in depth analysis of events that shook Sartania.

Regions of Sartania

Regions we have, had, and should have.

Constitution of New Sartania

The Constitution of Sartania after the revolution against Edward

Time Line of Sartania

Wanna know what happened in what order? read brief time line...

Current Leader

The Current Leader, General, Judge and Banker of Sartania!

Armys of Sartania

The driving power of Sartania


The Newspapers of Sartania