Sanguis Auracle

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Members of Sanguis Auracle
First Ouracle Stella Telmes
Regent Secret Founder
Au'minary Conseil
Divine Knight
Knight Templer The Chipped
Atavistic Hjope
Partnership and friendship with other Guilds The CLAN

Nobles 10
Followers 0,100,000
Temples 10
Shrines 10

Humans started exploring the heavens above when we began mapping the night’sky of Atamara. This started with primitive recordings of bright lights, eventually turning into shapes and objects, which later became known as constellations. These collection of stars have helped humans navigate to reach the phour Island, the bigger one called East Island and other three small island namely Bastad Island, Kalmar Island and Obsidian Island, Western East Island.

From a historical point of view, the majority of constellations they all know and love stem from ancient Atamara and Colonies mythology. Interestingly enough, various other civilizations have also created their own patterns and symbols in the sky using stars as the outline. Like the people of ancient Obsidian Island, other civilizations based their cultural stories and tales to create objects using stars.

Sanguis Auracle is the worship of the Auraclism Phour, a constellation that hangs in a static position over western EC, The brightest star in the constellation is Ouracle and Auracle, blue and pink star which change colour several time a year. Auraclism Phour is the most westernly first-magnitude star and brightest star in the constellation, the blue-pink Auracle Ouracle, followed by four other stars, descending in clockwise order, bright red stars know as the Austere, Auspicious, Maddening star and Aureole star.

Followers of the Auraclism Phour believe that depending on the stars positions and colours, they can influence the actions of human, with the different phases producing different effects.

Sanguis Auracle began in Obsidian Island when many immigrants from main land of EC discovered shared dreams of the Stars, calling them from their homes in the West and prompting them to cross the oceans. Following the establishment of Ouracle, the faith of Sanguis Auracle was spread to the island of Kalmar through the Kalmar-Chaos Temple daily trading. The lowly independent society, the Eire Republic was created to Spread the religion toward the east beyond Perdan Mines.