Sanctum of Casshern

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Sanctum of Casshern
Sanctum of Casshern Flag.png
Capital Palnasos
Largest City Palnasos
Government Type Monarchy
Food Production 79 bushels
Region Number 1 region
Population 10700
  • King
  • High Marshal
  • Arch Priest
  • Royal Treasurer

Kladda Superstes

  • The Last Legion, Protector of Palnasos
  • Palnasos

Sanctum of Casshern.JPG Government Systems of the Sanctum Sanctum of Casshern.JPG

Found in the City Palnasos, former land of Svunnetland as a joined venture of:
Nighthelm, Lasanar, Antoza Commonwealth, Ethiala, Soliferum, Sartania and Arcachon. This was the first monarchy of the Sanctum of Casshern. This continued through a line of Kings all the way until Xerxes. At that time, the traitor, victor reformed the realm into a republic. This republic fell to an end when Victor dissapeared and the realm fell into an anarchy. The realm then elected Scar and he reformed the govenrment back into a Monarchy. At the time it was to prolong his power but Scar was forced to step down the Sanctum of Casshern could become a true Monarchy once more.

Sanctum of Casshern.JPG Beliefs in Sanctum of Casshern Sanctum of Casshern.JPG

The dominant faith in the Sanctum of Casshern is the Magna Aenilia Ecclesia.

Sanctum of Casshern.JPG History of Sanctum of Casshern Sanctum of Casshern.JPG

Found in the City Palnasos, former land of Svunnetland as a joined venture of:
Nighthelm, Lasanar, Antoza Commonwealth, Ethiala, Soliferum, Sartania and Arcachon. They wanted a central realm allied to all of the supporting realms to get some stabilisation and peace in the centre. All turned out different soon after the Colony was created.

The first Ruler and Judge was Franklin House B, he appointed Karpur Dur as General and Atlas Reaper as Banker. The King title was agreed on to have a TL form Antoza Commonwealth, so Franklin House B stepped down so Victor Valentine could get elected, as happened. He founded the name of the Colony as Sanctum of Casshern and introduced some beliefs, legends and Law's (see further down). This caused big unrest here in the Colony and protest began. An civil war broke out and that resulted in the disappearance of Victor Valentine. What really happened is still a mystery, some say he was killed, some say he fled, but we might never know the truth about this. We had to vote for a new King and that became Valius Hendrix. Then Atlas Reaper stepped down, he had done the best job he could at the start of this new realm, but Joannes Equar had arrived and that was the man who was send here to become the Minister of Finance of the Colony.

Other realms, including the once who founded the Colony began to argue about whether we had the right to exist, this all started under the reign of Victor Valentine. When Valius Hendrix became King he started negotiations with all realms. We ended up allied with Svunnetland, in which realm we started our realm in the city of Palnasos. Sighted peace with a lot of other realms that the realms that found this Colony intend to fight. Our first mission was to help a TO of Ahael, but by the time that order came to our TL's, the TO already succeeded.

In 2006-08 it was finaly time, we made plans to expand our realm. This was needed so we could provide in our own food. Our first opjective was Ansopen, which was taken form League of Anacan in a few days.

On 2006-09-03 Joannes Equar dicided to step down from the Bankers position. He came to Sanctum of Casshern to get the food program working and he thought his work was done. Time for a next TL to take charge.

Sanctum of Casshern.JPG Laws in Sanctum of Casshern Sanctum of Casshern.JPG

Sanctum of Casshern.JPG Important Figures - Past & Present Sanctum of Casshern.JPG

Keldaar Delmon

  • Ruler of the colony after founding day. He stayed King for one day.

Franklin House B

  • Ruler of the colony after Keldaar.
  • First Judge of the colony.

Karpur Dur

  • First General of the colony.

Atlas Reaper

  • First Banker of the colony.

Victor Valentine

  • Third Ruler of the colony.
  • Founder of Sanctum of Casshern.
  • Speaker of the Casshern way.
  • Got lost in the crowd after a few day's.

Valius Hendrix

  • Ruler after the internal riot over Law's and beliefs.

Joannes Equar

  • Second Banker, he was asked by one of the founding realms to try to get the food program working.

Ijil Stormrage

  • First Marshal of Sanctum of Casshern.
  • Second General of Sanctum of Casshern

Sanctum of Casshern.JPG Families and Clans Sanctum of Casshern.JPG

Note: all families follow naming convention:
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Unit Management

Count / Baron's Job

Sanctum of Casshern.JPG Regions Sanctum of Casshern.JPG

Duchy of Palnasos

City of Palnasos

Unaligned regions


Sanctum of Casshern.JPG Beliefs of the Old. Sanctum of Casshern.JPG

The Legend of Casshern

A single entity brought our world into existence, a single entity created life upon its surface, a single entity protected us from all beings of evil…. That entity, we call Casshern.

Casshern is life as we see it today and every day here after, Casshern is the very air we breathe, and without Casshern there can be no life, only darkness. Casshern created life, air and water, the very land we live on. But with all good, comes evil, and today we fight in the name of the Great Casshern, we fight to uphold the truth of light, to recite the virtues of good and to extinguish the flames of evil.

Upon the creation of humanity, Casshern took the form of a Dragon, so beautiful and true that only the beings of everything good and holy about the world could see. In front of the beings so true, lay the Emerald Encrusted Dragon we know as Casshern.


Casshern Teachings, Section I
Obey the Leadership, their Strength,
And their Guidance shall lead you,
Towards the Will of Casshern.

Casshern Teachings, Section II
Protect your Family, your Friends,
Protect your People, your Home,
Protect the Lands of Casshern.

Casshern Teachings, Section III
Casshern in Arms, Fight as one,
Fight for one another,
Not against one other.

Casshern Teachings, Section V
Should Evil ever enter the Realm,
Those who have the ability to take action,
Have the responsibility to take action.

Signed, King Victor Valentine