Rettleville Library

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A large, privately owned library, hidden among the buildings of Rettlewood.



Spring Census Second Year Concluding

Spring Census Third Year Concluding

Spring Census Fifth Year Concluding


Report: The Uninhabited West
Report: Sir Lychaon Abdheran Strategy


A copy of the Marley's Botanical Guide which contains information of some local herbs.

A Modest Collection

A small marked section of the library, containing books and many stacks of paper, clearly meant for someone just beginning to copy a number of books on some topic. As the books in the section are examined, it is clear that the section seems to be a repository of knowledge on the Zuma.

An essay concerning the Daimons of Dwilight

An account of a meeting with the Daimon Vates

The journal of an early explorer of Dwilight

An early encounter between the Zuma and Asylon

The notes of an explorer of the Zuma territory

A religious text discussing Daimons

/A commentary on Zuma Regions

/The notes of a library patron

/A historical perspective