Republic of Fwuvoghor/Era II

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Retravic Stefanovic was re-elected in the month of March, but after being seriously wounded by an assassin, Widfara Exiled was elected Prime Minister of the republic. After dissolving the alliance with Enweil and making moves towards peace, he suffered repeated protests and ultimately open rebellion, led by Retravic, to set up a monarchy in the place of the republic. The republic is now known as The People's Republic of Fwuvoghor.

With the coming of the Undead to the island, Retravic established both the Military Council, Invasion Control Council, and Public Relations Council. Eventually, after long debates and many fights, it was decided that it would be best to ally with the Undead.

After a prolonged absence, Queen Retravic was replaced by Ben, the former Duke of Fwuvoghor, who confided his region to Felmoure. In his reign not much happened and when things began to deteriorate near the end of his reign, he stepped down.

Felmoure, Duke of Fwuvoghor, was made in turn the new King. With his reign came change, and the first thing he did was reinstate the House of Ministers, which, initially, was made up of four elected members of the realm. With it, decisions were then being passed through the house, which while delaying decision-making, made it more democratic. However, two monarchists, the former queen Retravic and her devout supporter, Arch Priest Jean-Olivier Chénier, held a considerable power in it, and tensions quickly began to rise as they were constantly opposed the republican reforms of King Felmoure and Lord Mordred Lefanis. Tensions rose high, with the split in the realm growing wider and wider. High Marshal Retravic refused to send the army to march according to King Felmoure's plans. At the same time, Arch Priest and Earl of Villriil Jean-Olivier was having a heated debate with Felmoure about the realm's relations with the daimon-controlled Sint, as Jean-Olivier had been constantly slandering them and trying to goad them into attacking the Republic. It all erupted when Felmoure accused him of betraying the realms ideal's of respect and tolerance, and ruining relations with realms. Jean-Olivier was quick to react, and this led to him being accused of faking his nobility. as only a peasant would be capable of the rudeness that Jean Olivier displayed. Jean Olivier rebelled, leading his armies to the Royal Palace, and cornered Felmoure there, forcing him to a duel. After a few blows, Jean-Olivier slew Felmoure, who was defenseless, having been crippled in the past by repeated torture by the undead. Jean Olivier then proclaimed himself King. In his reign, the daimon Rampaging joined RoF, bringing a powerful army along with him. Emboldened by the daimonic support, Jean-Olivier started a campaign against Avalon and led several incursions into Zod and Wilwau, while Rampaging attacked Cteduul destroying the Avalonian militia and army there.

Jean-Olivier's career was short-lived, however, and on his return from a failed attempt to take over Zod, he was slain by monsters in Wilwau. Rampaging too left the Republic of Fwuvoghor. Ben's was re-elected king. During King Ben's reign, the Fwuvoghorian army took over Wilwau and finally signed a cease-fire with Avalon.