Reasons for Rebelling!

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Greedy Guys

Ok my fellow greedy nobles, this is where we have to be totally honest with ourselves. Sometimes we want to launch a rebellion with only one motive, greed! It's quite sad really but it's true. Here I should tell you if your feeling greedy and you want people to join you there is one of two main types of approaches. First type is find something a little bit weird about the government and say it's like a really big issue. The second type of way is to bribe people. These approaches i'd call the positive approaches. Admit your greed but fulfill their desires as well like, i'll make you a Duke or a Count or a High Marshal etc. These type of approaches are the negative approaches. Which type is most effective is depending on what type of realm it is.

Positive Approach to Recruiting Members

Ok there are many forms of this and I want to explain them all. 1. Okay this one is a hint of what I said earlier. I call it the Expression, find something wrong with the government, a kink in the armour. Something you can really pick on then when you've found something Express your concern to the realm. Chose out the people who agree with you and ask them to rebel. First approach new nobles because after you approach more experienced nobles they will see you've already got some muscle and will want to join you more.

2. Here it get's a little tricky I call this one the Duchy Stealer. The name gives you a bit of a clue doesn't it? Anyway in this one. You are going to need to make good friends with a Duke of a powerful Duchy. Ok, with this because the duke will have a lot of infuence over his Duchy he can turn his WHOLE DUCHY againt the ruler! To turn a Duke, you need to make good frineds first to be safe. Very good friends.

3. I call this baby the Military Coup. This is where we get the council to turn on each other. With this one we need the High Marshal. That's right you said it the High Marshal. How this works is in my opinion. A High Marshal or General etc. has just as much respect or in times of war even more power than the ruler. He can also disband militia guarding the main City!! Sweet!! Because of this guys high respect you can use him to get you to power and plump your little bottom on the throne.

Negative Approach to Recruiting Members

Ok heres where it gets fun and if your surrounded by greedy people this one works like a charm. 1. This one I call just plain Bribery. You need to be a persuasive little bugger. First find some newer members and promise them a position as Count or something. Then after you've got few noobs find some guys like dukes and promise them positions like High Marshal. The nooby stage is vital because if you go up to he Duke first and you have no power already. He could be the one promising the position. So you need to become obselete by getting noobs. After you've got enough support, REBEL!

2. I call this Pure Evil. Here you need to fin yourself in a high position of an evil religion. Then get all the followers of the religion to be part of the rebellion. It's like 20 member at once. But the hard part is getting to the religion.

Ok That's All I have to say, So happy Recruiting!!!!

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