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Region Details
Continent located on::Atamara
Region Type is regiontype::Rural
Geographic Area South Plains
Population population::2658
Economy Farming, Fishing
Realm part of::(rogue)

Loyalty to the Empire and The Order remains paramount.

The region boasts both natural beauty and frequent trade, making it a pleasurable place to live and visit. Its proximity to two major cities, Eaglin and Tarasac, help bring culture and goods to the rural area.

The people here are hard-working, admirable folk, who welcome everyone in a friendly manner, but protect their homes with their lives.

The local specialty is roast pheasant with chestnut sauce and fried trout topped with melted cheese. For a true taste of heaven, you can't miss a taste of the local favorite dessert, fresh cream on pumpkin pie. For the ones who prefer simpler fare, you can't go wrong with a mug of Rauxod Red Roost ale and a good thick steak.

If you want to fit in, just learn the traditional 3-Stone Jig, and you'll be an instant hit.

Rauxod: the place to relax!

History of Lords

The record is horribly incomplete.

Lady Renee was named Countess on 09/02/2007

Her first act was one of extreme controversy as she broke down the temple to Athonlaurism. However, that incident was quickly forgotten and Rauxod is now the proud home to a small temple of The Order. Lady Renee has been busy making Rauxod a profitable place, although recently (10/1007) the monster invasion has been putting a damper on economic plans.

Aros Bear was named Viscount on 31/08/2008

Nothing of importance is recorded.

Sven Björn was named Viscount on 20/12/2008.

Drizztle Sharpspeare named Earl on 6/8/2014

Regional Knights of Rauxod