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This page is a compilation of Tom's Own Words about the Priest Class. This is not a set group of laws, but should be viewed as a set of guidelines, (unless noted otherwise).

(This page should be viewed as a set of guidelines because of the sheer new-ness of this class: somethings are bound to change, be tweaked, or be removed altogether)

All of these quotes come from the Discussion List, (unless noted otherwise) and the archive can be found here: Discussion List Archive


Please don't. This is mixing OOC and IC and can only lead to pain. That my test-religion in Norland is called "Tomism" is a _joke_.

Why is "-ism" "strongly suggested"?

The name of a religion should be a drop-in to the sentence "I believe in ..."

People don't usually believe in a church, they believe in what the church represents or preaches.

Regions Have More Than One Temple?

But only one temple for each religion. Like guildhouses, there can only be one per region (but it can be enlarged).

One temple per region and religion. Two religions == two temples.

Temple Expansion/Upgrade

"From what I can tell, Local Lords have to build them, but priests can expand them."

(T)hat's how it should work.

New Priests Don't Convert Many Peasants

In a city, it's easy to gather large masses of listeners. In rural or even worse, mountain or badland regions, you have to travel from hamlet to hamlet.

Experiment with it in various places.

Preaching Skill

You can train the preaching skill at the academy.

Exact Number of Believers?

"After gaining 4 followers, there are still ca. 10 believers. Do they need half an hour to be inducted or something?"

You don't get an accurate number, just an estimate.

Effects of Priests/Temples/Shrines

Do not underestimate the effects of temples and shrines, especially in the beginning.

Yes, the Wiki says their effect is slow. But that is compared to a group of somewhat experienced priests. A temple is probably more effective than a single inexperienced priest, except that it can't wander around.

The main point is that effects add up. Yeah, a temple is slow. Yeah, a shrine is even slower. Yes, the region lord being a faithful members is an even minor effect, and yes, priests are initially not too good at converting people.

But a temple and a shrine or two, plus a few priests - that really adds up.

(A) large temple will convert more pagans than a newbie priest preaching.

There's just one thing - temples and shrines don't convert followers of other religions. Only pagans.

Region Lord Heros Can Create a Religon? (Heros Switching Class?) (Obsolete)

It's not exactly intended, but I think I'll leave it in as a feature.

Update: With the new class structure, only the subclass should change, and they will become a Priest/Hero.

Choosing a Liege (Obsolete)

In the past, priests could not choose a liege. This is no longer true: they are now part of the hierarchy like everyone else. However, Tom's outdated words are kept here for posterity.

"As a Priest, I cannot choose a liege. Is this intended? My only liege is (my religion), and whatnot?"


"Tom did you say we weren't supposed to have a liege because I still do. I think I am also still in the army."

At the moment, it doesn't delete your old liege if you have one. That's one of the things that are not yet finished.