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Disambig gray.svg This article outlines the lost realm of Portion. For the region of the same name, see Portion.
Realm Summary
Continent / Island Colonies
Capital Portion
Government System Monarchy

Portion was one of the founding realms of the Colonies. Its capital was the city of Portion, and at its furthest reach extended to Corali Forest and Rola Sierrie.

During the early days of the Colonies, the Assassins' Guild sought a monopoly on the services of infiltrators, and control over their contracts. Moreover, the Assassins demanded immunity from punishment for their agents. The people of Portion determined that they would not have their laws or business dictated to them by Falcon, the guildmaster in Bakker Forest, and ignored the Guild's demands. This sparked a shadow war between the Assassins and Portion. The Guild stated that they would only accept contracts against the realm of Portion, and funded by Lukon, began a campaign of attempted murder against Portionese Councilmembers. After a time, Falcon began to run out of infiltrators to send against Portion, and he was forced to end his campaign. Though the Guild continued to take Lukon's gold to attack Portion, these attempts had nowhere near the intensity or skill as during the shadow war.

During this time, Portion was also faced with military attacks from the neighboring realm of Lukon. Much of this took place in the region of Adaria, which borders both realms' capital cities. However, with the help of its allies, Outer Tilog, Alebad, and Alowca, Portion was able to lead a force to the walls of Lukon and force the capitulation of it's King Yidsril. At this time, it was debated whether to end the war with Lukon and coexist in a relative peace, or to continue the war and destroy Lukon in full. Unfortunately, many Portionese people though tired of the long war, had endured too much violence and destruction to lay down their arms against Lukon. King Ronan of Portion had no choice but to continue the war...

Late that autumn, when the bulk of Portion's army was launching an attack on Lukon's ally, Oritolon, they became bogged down in the mountains of Windaria. Lukon took this opportunity to attack the capital, and after a week-long siege the city fell. Most of the Portionese nobility escaped to Outer Tilog, Wetham, and Alebad, with others seeking betterr fortunes across the sea.

The realm of Portion passed into memory after a relatively brief time in the Colonies. However, many elder nobles who know the realm's tale continue to be influenced by it even today.

Former Nobles of Portion

A list that is by no means complete, but is the best effort of a fading memory

  • Lord Ronan, King
  • Entmoot, Duke of Portion
  • Trumpet2, Judge and General
  • Solufein, Royal Treasurer
  • Yukiko, General and Treasurer
  • Hikaru, Countess of Corali Forest
  • Tarawethion, Hero of Portion and a defender to his last

Songs and Tales of Portion