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Gold: 5 Pieces! Editors: Members of the Petterson Family Edition: One
I am pleased to finally get the time to organise the family to get the editions of the Petterson Publisher underway!

Printed in Athol Margos, Beluaterra. Terrible Incidents in Perdan
Continent: East Continent
Past Events
Lord Sargon, a great hero of Perdan and friend of mine was killed. The great hero from Perdan was trampled and stamped on from hundreds of Itorunt infantry, lead by Manfred, Tear'el and Aurodu the Hawk, after he made quick travel from the two close battle regions, Clermont to Zwar.
Only Sargon and Turbo Returns actually made the trip which ended in devastation and a lose of a life. His sister Yunari was left in pieces after this event, though she held her head high and was treated like royalty for several days after.
To see the battle report, go to the battle report library and view Sargon's Death. He now lies in the graveyard of Aix, his favoured region, along side Duke Screndt's gorgeous, well maintained garden.

Other Tregedies
Lord Garet was also killed in the battle of Al Arab after the Perdanite military lead a siege on the city. He died doing what he wanted to do his whole life. Fighting with the great realm of Perdan - he couldnt have asked for anything more!
He now lies in Troyes, after having a proper ceremony, thanks to his brother, XXXX (Name soon...)

-- Rangonio Dyramiir
Continent: East Continent
The Dyramiir religion was founded quite recently. Currently it has no other followers. I has wrote a book on the Dyramiir religion which will be placed here soon. Hopefully the religion will prosper and grow.

-- Rangonio Duelling
Continent: Beluaterra
With the recent events being rather slow, I decided to interest things by duelling. I have duel quite a few people in the realm of Riombara and hold a Victory Percentage of 90%, which will stay that way - just try and change it.
I ask anyone who wants to challenge me to post a request. Just leave your request with my Duel Scribe and Ill get back to you as soon as I can.

-- Ghostly Retirement
Continent: Atamara
Ive been retired for many years now. My career was short, as I went to war at an old age. I worked for Tara, Jamuga was my leader, the Dictator of Tara - oh how I loved him. He truely was a great leader.
When I was in Tara, I didnt see much battle. I spent most of my time roaming around the regions with Jamuga, in a more defensive style. I helped defend from invasion and keep the Dictator safe.
I spend my time in the family mansion of Athol Margos now. I met a wonderful women, who died in child birth. She gave birth to my son, Or'es Por - my she rest in piece. Thank you my dear!

-- Kais Assassination
Continent: Atamara
On the 3rd November, I assassinated Achilles, Dictator of Tara. The night was cold and I had my trusty Mithril Daggers of Rykoo. I sneak past a huge guard of 70 or men, unnoticed, amazingly. I got to his tent, he spotted me and grabbed his dagger from under his pillow. Before he could make a move I stabbed him several times. He was wounded, his guts everywhere. I snuck out of the tent and back to the forested land, before I made my way back to Tarasac. Achilles was a hated man and had a huge bounty on his head. After my return the Tarasac, many people approached me and handed me their gold - 1550 gold in total. Achilles was no longer the Dictator of Tara - Hakki was later elected.

-- Si Ju Jarugi Tournaments
Continent: Beluaterra
With my recent enthusiasm for duelling, I have participated in all of the recent tournaments. They have been held in Varyamo Nolvo, Fronen, Enweil and now, Old Grehk - some glorious tournament grounds. The tournament of Old Grehk will be hosting in less than a weeks time, and I am not there, yet. Its been a long time since I went to Old Grehk, I cant wait! Hopefully, I can leave my mark, in an old realm of mine. Its about time I won a tournament. Luck best had be on my side for this round! You know what they say: "Forth time lucky..."
I also hope I get to see Vagabond, I havent seem him in a while. Doubt I will this time either, with him being ruler and all.
Well, best of luck for everyone at the tournament. Just dont beat me!

-- Ghostly Wispen Conflict
Continent: Atamara
The conflict in Wispen was my first true battle. I could prove my worth to the leaders of Barony of Makar and I could become a viking! The battle was long and hard, most of my men were brutally slayed by forces of Eston, but they did not die in vein - none of my men ever will.
I finally got to bash some head, the old viking way, which Ender, Edgar, Ian and Sordnaz taught me in their spare time.
My family was great, they taught me all I needed and I finally got to use it.

-- Or'es Por