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Titles Held
Knight of Giask

Knight of Chesney

Knight of Rettleville

Lord Justice

Senator of Rettleville
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Army of Giask

Republican Expeditionary Forces

Army of the Lowlands

The Grey Wolves Legion

The Phoenician Legion

Cedric Pelgart

Cedric Pelgart was born to Hestor and Felicia Pelgart. At the age of five, Hestor sent Cedric to be raised and trained by friends in Herle. Thus Cedric was raised by a minor noble family of little note but great ability. Upon his seventeenth birthday, Cedric's father, Hestor Pelgart, provided his son with a small unit of soldiers and ordered him out into the world to learn to lead and serve.

At the time, Herle was a part of a faltering Giask. While Cedric had no great stake in the war between Giask and Pian en Luries, Cedric chose to support Giask to the best of his ability. This did not last long and Giask fell days later.

Lacking wealth or troops, Cedric chose to support Julius Galvez's effort to establishment of a new colony in south-west Dwilight with the cooperation of Terran and the support of D'Hara. Thus Cedric soon found himself a interim citizen of Terran.

While preparing for the coming expedition, Cedric served Terran by providing detailed intelligence of rouge movements in Thysan and surrounding regions. While stationed in Thysan, Cedric became attached to the region and the beutiful forested landscape therein. Once winter had passed, the expedition was ready to move forward with the establishment of a new realm.

Days later Barca was born. Centered in Rettleville, Cedric hoped to see this new republic blossom. Soon, Cedric was appointed to the position of Magistrate of Justice via realm referendum. Currently, Cedric is doing his best to aid in the expansion and stabilization of this new realm. During his time in Barca Cedric has become vested in the establishment of his personal faith as an official religion.

Cedric was eventually appointed as the Senator of Rettleville, a Ducal seat. As Senator Cedric managed to build the cities population and productivity to the point where it could sustain increased infrastructure. Cedric founded a new army, The Phoenician Legion, and provided a great deal of monetary support to to Barca's military structure. Cedric was also a proponent of paying his vassals high sums in exchange for food thus providing gold dearly needed by Barca's rural regions. As the funds became available Cedric finally managed to found Elrism, a long standing dream of his.

Upon the founding of Elrism Cedric stepped down from the position of Senator of Rettleville to allow a new hand the opportunity to guide the city while Cedric focused on Elrism and to once again serve Barca as Lord Justice.