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What is "pausing"?

Be aware that pausing your characters is one of a noble's inalienable rights in Battlemaster. Anyone who gives you orders about pausing your characters should be reported to the Titans or Magistrates.

Pausing a character is a way to remove your character from the game for a while. This can be useful when you will be away from a computer for a week or more, and won't be able to play. Rather than risk that something may happen to your character while you are gone, you can pause your character. Characters are paused individually. This means that you can pause one or two characters, and still play the rest if you only have limited time available.

This is not without consequences, however. Since the game must go on whether your character is there or not, there are some things that may happen when you pause a character. See below for the effects of pausing your character.

When should you not pause a character?

Pausing is useful to take a character out of the game temporarily if you can not play for a longer time. You should not pause if you leave for less than a week. The consequences of pausing will probably be more significant than anything that could happen while you're gone. If you choose to not pause your character while you will be away, make sure you leave your character in a safe place. The game keeps going whether you are there to play or not.


A special kind of pausing is known as auto-pausing. When a character is not played for several days, then the game will automatically start removing that character from positions. Eventually the character will be automatically paused, with the same effects as if the player had paused the character.

  • After 5 days of inactivity, a character will be removed from council positions.
  • After 7 days of inactivity, a character will be removed from lordships.
  • After 14 days of inactivity, a character will be automatically paused.

Effects of Pausing

When you pause a character, they are removed from the game until they are manually unpaused by the player. No one will be able to send them messages, nor will they interact with the game world in any way. There are a few other effects as well.

Things the Character Loses

  • The character will lose all realm-based positions, including:
    • Council positions
    • Lordships
    • Marshal positions
  • Oaths to a liege lord are dissolved.
  • The character is removed from any army they are in.
  • The character's unit may be partially converted to militia. The amount of pay that is due to the men will be deducted from any gold on hand.
Note: If the character is not in their own realm, the unit will be completely disbanded.
  • If a character autopauses, all of their bonds are returned to the realm.
  • If the character is in prison and is manually paused, all gold on hand will be confiscated and given to the imprisoning realm's ruler. See below.
  • The character's paraphernalia is lost. Any cargo that may be in caravans is dropped in the region.

Things You Don't Lose

  • The character's honor and prestige are unchanged.
  • Guild and religion memberships and ranks are kept.
  • Character class is unchanged.
  • Gold and bonds are kept, with the following conditions:
    • If the character is in prison and the player manually pauses, all their gold is forfeit and given to the ruler of the imprisoning realm. See below.
    • If the character is leading a unit of soldiers, the amount of gold due to the soldiers will be deducted from the gold on hand.
    • If a character autopauses, all their bonds are forfeit to their realm.
  • Army sponsorship is kept.
  • Rank in the realm is kept.


To prevent the abuse of pausing a character who is in prison in order to escape prison actions, the following special conditions exist.

  • A character who pauses while in prison, either manually or through autopausing, remains in prison. The character is still subject to the judge's disciplinary actions, including seizure of gold, banishment, torture, and execution, as applicable.
  • Manually pausing a character who is in prison automatically causes that character to forfeit all gold on-hand. The gold is delivered to the ruler of the imprisoning realm. The ruler is not charged the honor and prestige penalty associated with seizing gold.
  • Autopausing while in prison does not result in the forfeiture of gold.