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Located on::Dwilight
Part of::Zuma Coalition
Part of::Nightmares
is regiontype::Badlands
West Barren

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General Description

There is a small oasis to the far west of Overroot, which is otherwise a wasteland dominated by brown dirt flatlands. Even though this oasis is known by many who have lived or traveled through Overroot, no one has provided any proof of its existence, nor any reliable directions to reach it. If one travels far enough to the west, one can indeed reach the fertile lands of Vassar, but not the oasis. Going slightly south of west leads to the enormous temple complex of Dragon Song. For this reason, some believe it to be a mirage, a fabled pocket of calm and solace in a very ferocious world. Those who claim to have reached the Overroot Oasis speak of great hanging gardens, clear springs, and fields of bounty. Soon after, they die, always with tears flowing from their eyes.


As most other barren plains, the majority of Overroot's dwellers are nomads who scour the lands for game. Some settlements still persist in the north, which were once more numerous due to trade with Shokalom. That city in contemporary times is past its prime, and few traders make the short northern journey. There are also rumors about a vastly different culture in the oasis, different than the Zuma, or any outlander culture. Most bizarre are the rumors that claim the oasis is inhabited by "beautiful golden beings".


Even though Overroot lies on the eastern side of Dragon's Roost, the wind patterns shift wildly along the peaks, such that even the eastern side gets pelted with hail. However, there is still relatively little rainfall, and the occasional storms can make temperatures fluctuate dramatically from day to day.


Overroot is the closest Zuma region to Shokalom. Unlike the other barren plains of Evenfell and Underroot, Overroot is landlocked and has no water routes. As such, there are no farmers or fishing villages, and the proportion of nomads is consequently much greater. There is a small patch of trees indicated in most modern maps to depict where cartographers believe the mythical oasis might be located.