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Ordo Causidici

Second only to the gods themselves the Ordo Causidici, or the Order of the Advocates, is the only rank within the Ordo to represent Genesis and Armageddon. Because all Causidici represent both equally the number of them tends to fluctuate a bit depending on who within the Ordo has attained such privilege. It is a rank that is determined by the Concilium, or the Council, in which all gods reside. More often than not however, the rank of "Causidicus" is awarded after one's death. This is however considered a great honor regardless as very few Wordbearers will ever attain this rank, even if they die spreading the word of the Ordo Concilium.


As with any religion the Ordo Concilium has those who carry it's words far and wide, and like many religions the Ordo values those who dedicate their lives to spreading. These men and women are the Wordbearers of the Ordo Concilium, and for the most part they are like anyone else. However there is one major difference, Wordbearers speak directly to their gods, and can at almost any time. The Wordbearers also tend to be granted artifacts of particular importance to the faith some of which have interesting uses. As one might expect, they are the leaders of the Wordbearer Caste.

Zanaras of Azarus

Zanaras was the first to take up the words of the Ordo in this Age as far as anyone in the religion knows, those who know including his god Azarus. Zanaras was first brought in to the religion by Azarus who met with him in person and travels with him nearly constantly to this day.


Telamond Orgauth was the first convert of the religion, excluding Zanaras himself. He is at the moment, the only unaligned Wordbearer within the Ordo, due to his discovery of his original religion being one that actually originated from the Ordo itself in ages past.

Edith of Solani

Edith Hashimashidas was the one in the religion who officiated the religion's existence on Dwilight. Due to her efforts the first temple of the Ordo Concilium was constructed in the rural lands of Raviel.

Totus Altores

Part of the Wordbearer Caste, a Totus Altor represents the entirety of the Ordo Concilium and are knowledgeable on all the deities, though probably not as much as a Altor Secundus or Wordbearer on a particular god. Regardless of how they are listed, they hold the same "rank" in the Ordo as a Altor Secundus. They may eventually advance to the rank of Wordbearer, should a Wordbearer fall that has no Altor Secundus below them.

At the moment there are no Totus Altores within the Ordo

Altor Secundi

Part of the Wordbearer Caste, an Altor Secundus is an apprentice of a Wordbearer and may on occasion be able to speak to their chosen deity (though it is rather rare). Should a Wordbearer fall, the most experienced Altor Secundus they had below them will take their place, thusly being an Altor Secundus tends to be a difficult position to attain.

At the moment there are no Altor Secundii within the Ordo

Inquiro Exsequiae

The title of "Inquiro Exsequiae" is more an honor than it is a rank. It is a title granted to those who have located the lost relics of the Ordo that have been spread around the lands. To complete such feat one must show the item to a member of the Wordbearer Caste, and should they deem it a true artifact the title will be granted.

Lesser Advocate

The rank of "Lesser Advocate" is reserved for those who have completed significant tasks for the Ordo's wellbeing, such as constructing temples, making substantial donations, or completed great feats in spreading the Ordo to new lands. The only way to bypass this rank is to find an artifact of importance to the faith or to join the Wordbearer Caste. Those of this rank are granted priviledges within the temples of the faith that can make the rank worthwhile.

At the moment this rank is held by: [*]Arthea Bolios, Treasurer of Shadovar [*]Conrac Amcastra, Chancellor of Shadovar, Duke of Port Nebel