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The Ordo Charta is the public affairs division of the Argent Order. As before, the Ordo Charta catalogues the faith's happenings. It is not a newspaper, though the group does write one that is published by the Poryatown Press.

The Ordo Charta is part of the Argent Order's Echelon of the Pen, they are in effect much like scribes and journalists, recording the events of the faith and making them public as they are seen fit. However, while they do report to the Argent Order's Archon of the Pen, the members of the Ordo Charta are not necessarily members of the Echelon of the Pen or even followers of the Argent Order. Faith leadership prefers there be some outside oversight of their actions.


Order Reports

Currently the Ordo Charta, in cooperation with the Poryatown Press, is publishing one newspaper, detailing the various happenings of the Argent Order. That newspaper would be known as the "Order Reports" and is a chronological detailing of our duty to instill Order in the world and beat back Chaos. It is not strictly limited to the religion's events, but also to the events of things that may effect the faith, such as new rulers in faithful realms or important events for distant faiths.

Speeches, Essays, Theories, and Studies

From time to time, the faith leadership will find the reason or need to send out a message to the faith as a whole, or perhaps to a particular realm. Other times they will find a want to put their thoughts onto paper, or do a more intensive study on some particular subject. These various documents have been saved here. For now however, there are no new writings since the Ordo's re-purposing to work for the Argent Order.